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A Global Weekly Interactive Internet Training Program about Human Trafficking and  Exploitation

  • Sex Trafficking
  • Labor Trafficking
  • Sextortion (blackmail by photo)
  • Child Pornography
  • Social Media Grooming & Recruitment
  • ​Global Migration and Refugee Exploitation




Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity

Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity is a Global  Interactive Training Program hosted by Opal Singleton on – Variety Channel. Join the dialogue live  every Thursday @ 7a.m. Pacific Time. If you missed the live show, you can still listen by visiting our archives. Be sure to send us your thoughts and comments on the cases.

Human Trafficking & Child Pornography expert, Opal Singleton, has educated tens of thousands of first responders, government agencies, civic leaders, school administrators, medical personnel, faith-based organizations,  parents & grand-parents about how predators operate and how to prevent young people from 
becoming victims 
of  exploitation.

This is where you will find upcoming show information with links to the cases that will be discussed. 

Also, if you miss a live show, you will find it here in our archives of past episodes in easy-to-access segments.​

The Show

Looking for more information about sex trafficking, labor trafficking, sextortion, child pornography, social media grooming & recruitment? Here is where you will find loads of resources from our parent organization, Million Kids!

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