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"EXPLOITED - Crimes Against Humanity" is a FREE global internet training program about human trafficking and exploitation that includes a powerful weekly podcast that reaches 170 countries and corresponding blog with links to the cases and stories discussed on the show.

Human Trafficking & Child Pornography expert, Opal Singleton, has educated tens of thousands of first responders, government agencies, civic leaders, school administrators, medical personnel, faith-based organizations,  parents & grand-parents about how predators operate and how to prevent young people from 
becoming victims 
of  exploitation.

Episode 1: The Global Cryptocurrency Race and Crimes Against Children

(Original  air date 09/05/19)

​​Episode Description

We are living at a historical time in history. Nearly every day a new cryptocurrency is being introduced, but the technologies are different than Bitcoin.

Facebook is set to introduce Libra to their more than one billion followers. If approved by Congress, the Libra cryptocurrency will be backed by an asset base made up of many global corporations. The stated purpose is to bring banking to the hundreds of millions of people around the globe who are now getting access to social media but have no means of banking. The challenge is that Facebook is known for their business model of collecting and selling your every post, click, search and location.

Recently, it was announced that the Tik Tok app, owned by Byte Dance, a Chinese Corporation, surpassed Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp in the number of users. The Peoples Republic of China announced that they too are creating their own global currency with an asset base.

​We will be following these trends to see if this ends up in a global cryptocurrency race, controlled and marketed through global social media apps, who are building massive artificial intelligence databases of social media communications, locations and buying behavior.

What is fascinating is that both of these app developers are offering our kids mass-audience live-streaming where, instead of communication with a few hundred close friends, they can now have 100,000 or 500,000 and sometimes a million followers. Once these apps are connected to immediate access global cryptocurrency, life as we know it will never be the same. And, many of our kids will be exploited through what they perceive to be “easy money.”

Join us as we explore how the world of crime, crimes against children, and  crime solving will change based on these potentially world changing technologies.

Episode 2: What Happens When Your Child’s First Sexual Experience is a Virtual Sexual Experience?

(Special Rebroadcast 09/12/19 | Original  air date 12/27/18)

​​Episode Description

We are entering a time of the greatest societal experiment ever. Soon the entire world will be connected by the internet and yet every day parents give phones and tablets to very young kids, who access apps, live-streaming and video game chat rooms BEFORE they have even had the “SEX” talk with them. And now, most of our kids’ first sexual experience will be with someone over the internet (someone they have never met in person) or will be based on animation or virtual pornography. It will most likely be sex without love and outside the context of relationship and commitment. It is also complicated by new technologies where virtual photos and videos are forever.

This week we will look at the impact virtual sex has on children and how it will change their sexual identity FOREVER.

The Show


Episode 3: Global Social Technology and the Psychological Impact on a Child

(Special Rebroadcast 09/19/19 | Original  air date 03/21/19)

​​Episode Description

Every day new technologies are being handed to our kids that will catapult them from the safety and sanctity of their own homes to becoming performers on the world stage. Much of this technology is encrypted or vaporware (disappearing video) which means the child is isolated from parental supervision resulting in the child being solely responsible for their decisions and behaviors. Advancing technologies mean that a pedophile no longer has to worm their way through the Instagram system and seduce your child, but, rather, on Tik Tok, your child freely performs before potentially millions of strangers, who can communicate with your child and know their profile information and geo location. 

Few of us understand the over-ranging impact of this Societal Shift. Global Social Technology will change our kids and how they perceive relationships. Gone are the days when you friended and unfriended. With mass audience live-streaming, our kids develop goals of having tens of thousands of followers where very few of them are “personal” friends. The challenge is that our kids are still using real-life relationship criteria to evaluate the integrity of the people they are communicating with. Teaching our children to transition between the cyber-fantasy world and real-life decision consequences may be one of the greatest challenges for this generation. 

Season 14: Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity