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Human Trafficking & Child Pornography expert, Opal Singleton, has educated tens of thousands of first responders, government agencies, civic leaders, school administrators, medical personnel, faith-based organizations,  parents & grand-parents about how predators operate and how to prevent young people from 
becoming victims 
of  exploitation.

Episode 6: When Shame Meets Social Media

(Original  air date 1/09/2020)

​​Episode Description

The year 2020 will be the year where our kids will strive to have a million likes and 100,000 followers. Sites like Tik Tok Thot, Twitch, Likee, Live.me are platforms for provocative videos that put young people on the world wide stage. Sadly, today many kids equate mass audience following with personal value. Pedophiles comb through live streaming videos looking for the kids with low self-esteem and low value self image. Kids who function from a shame-based self-perception are easy targets for pedophiles.

This week we will look at what happens when a child with low self-esteem is seduced by a predator and thinks they have fallen in love, they are exploited and blackmailed. It will change their life forever.

Episode 1: Beyond Stranger Danger
Protect Your Children from Child Molesters

(Original  air date 12/05/19)

​​Episode Description

Don Howell has spent a life time in law enforcement investigating sexually motivated crimes including child molestation, rape, physical abuse of children, homicide and child kidnapping/abduction. He is a 30-year member of the California Sexual Assault Investigators Association and the author of three books “Sex Crimes – a Step by Step Guide to Effective Interviewing of Victims and Suspects,” “Beyond Stranger Danger, Smart Parents Raising Safe Kids,” and “Lessons From a 21st Century Samurai Seiken Way, Completing the Circle, a True Story.”

This week as host, Opal Singleton, interviews Don, listeners will gain an eye-opening understanding of the motivations behind many sexual assaults. Don will share his experience of interviewing both perpetrators and adult and minor victims to help us understand how and why these horrendous crimes take place. Don will also reveal the five trademarks of sex offenders. Most important, we will share with parents what they really need to know about sexual predators to protect and educate their children.


Episode 7: Labor Trafficking in America

(Original  air date 1/16/2020)

​​Episode Description

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention month. This week we will be talking about labor trafficking.

Labor trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery in which individuals perform labor or services through the use of force, fraud, or coercion. Labor trafficking includes situations of debt bondage, forced labor, and involuntary child labor.

Often, not enough emphasis is put on understanding labor trafficking. From the San Francisco Bay Bridge, to the agriculture fields of Hawaii, an upscale bakery in Beverly Hills, small, independent care homes for the elderly, sweat shops in L.A. and a chicken ranch in Ohio labor trafficking in the U.S. is very real.

This is where you will find upcoming show information with links to the cases that will be discussed. 

Also, if you miss a live show, you will find it here in our archives of past episodes in easy-to-access segments.​

The Host

Season 15: Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity

Episode 4: Societal Shift: A World Without Borders... A Home Without Walls

(Special Rebroadcast air date 12/26/19 | Original  air date 01/24/19)

​​Episode Description

We are entering the most important time in all of history. More important than the industrial revolution. The year 2020 will see the entire world connected by internet… more than 6 BILLION people coming together. It will be a world without borders for our kids, but also a world without borders for pedophiles, predators, pimps, cartels and organized crime. Literally, 87% of our kids sleep with their phones which means it is a HOME WITHOUT WALLS as total strangers creep through the sheets at 3:00 AM to access, groom, recruit and exploit our kids.

Advancing technologies such as encrypted messaging, vaporware, mass audience live streaming, virtual reality chatrooms, animated video game pornography, cryptocurrency, block chain, and the dark web will change crimes and crime solving. It also means that law enforcement and parents will not be able to keep kids safe from predators.

Societal Shift takes a hard look at current and future crimes and how technology will be used to exploit our kids. We will also talk about the solutions that will use cutting-edge technologies for prevention and intervention of sex crimes such as sextortion, sex trafficking and crowd sourcing social media exploitation.

Join us as host, Opal Singleton, talks about her latest book, "Societal Shift: A World Without Borders... A Home Without Walls." 

Episode 5: Future Technologies and What It Means in Keeping Kids Safe From Predators  | The Intersection of Volume-Speed-Encryption-Access

(Special Rebroadcast air date 01/02/20 | Original  air date 11/07/19)

​​Episode Description

The past few weeks’ events will make your head spin. Global Law Enforcement and Intelligence organizations discovered the largest child pornography ring in history with over ONE MILLION users that subscribed to a Dark Net site and received frequent user points for paying their subscription with Bitcoin.

The U.S. Congressional Intelligence Committee is investigating Tik Tok, owned by the Chinese Company ByteDance, for possible international security violations for using artificial intelligence to record and share user data. 

The People’s Republic of China introduced their cryptocurrency that will be 300,000 times faster than Libra being introduced by Facebook, which is being investigated by the U.S. Congressional Finance Committee. 

Mass audience live streaming apps like Tik Tok and Likee are expanding rapidly with many teenagers having more than 100,000 followers (some already have ONE MILLION FOLLOWERS), and where predators can easily reach our kids from any where and privately text with them.

It is INDEED a fast changing world.

Looking for more information about sex trafficking, labor trafficking, sextortion, child pornography, social media grooming & recruitment? Here is where you will find loads of resources from our parent organization, Million Kids!

Episode 3: Online Sex Crimes in 2020

(Original  air date 12/19/19)

​​Episode Description

We are on our way to an historical era as the entire world will be connected by technology. The book, “Societal Shift… A World Without Borders… A Home Without Walls,” outlines the power of global accessibility for all of us, but it also defines the challenges in raising our kids in a world where they will have millions of followers online. It will change how pedophiles join together to form communities that  seek out young victims.  Equally important, it will change how young children interact with millions of people they have never met, as they attempt to use their tender, vulnerable emotions to evaluate relationships.  Could there be anything more dangerous than a 9-year-old craving attention on the world wide web twerking in their little halter top and believing all those followers think she is the next superstar? How do we protect a child with a fantasy in a world with unlimited access?


The Show

"EXPLOITED - Crimes Against Humanity" is a FREE global internet training program about human trafficking and exploitation that includes a powerful weekly podcast that reaches 170 countries and corresponding blog with links to the cases and stories discussed on the show.

Episode 2: Trends in Gang Trafficking
How Gangs Are Using Technology to Operate Sex Trafficking Rings

(Original  air date 12/12/19)

​​Episode Description

Lowell Smith has spent a lifetime investigating crimes related to gangs, home grown violent extremism, white supremacy groups and hate crimes. He is currently the Chair for La Sierra School of Criminal Justice Department. He is also the an Advisory Board Member for the Center for the Study of Extremism and Hate Crimes at California State University of San Bernardino. And, he is a member of the California Gang Investigator Association.

This week Lowell Smith and host, Opal Singleton, will discuss trends in gang trafficking and how gangs are using technologies to operate large-scale sex trafficking rings. They will talk about the intersect between extremist groups, trafficking and social media exploitation. Lowell will address the victimology of innocent individuals who fall prey to crimes of sexual exploitation and extremism. What a fascinating and riveting interview this is going to be!