Episode 1: Understanding Sex and Labor Trafficking in Rural Communities

(Original  air date 08/25/16)

​​Episode Description

Most of us know about how how predators prey on young people in big cities, but little is understood about how both sex and labor trafficking is becoming an everyday issue in rural communities. Join us live this week as Opal Singleton trains and interviews Alaska State Troopers and First Responders with Priceless Alaska. We will also explore cases of trafficking that are unique to rural villages and some that are connected to trafficking cases in the lower 48. 

Episode 12: Can You Legislate Illegal Sex Acts? 
Sounds easy, but it is harder than we ever imagined!

(Original  air date 11/17/16)

​​Episode Description

WARNING: This show is for adults only. We desire to equip the public in combating child exploitation and stamping out this global scourge on our society. Join us, educate yourself, and help us take on the fight of our lives… eradicating domestic and global exploitation!

Child sex trafficking, sextortion, and child pornography are all crimes that are significantly impacted by exploding technology, laws regulating privacy and social attitudes about sexual privilege.  
In recent weeks, the CEO of Backpage.com was arrested for pimping. And, the FBI was caught operating the Playpen, a child pornography website, where they improved the performance of the system so that thousands more pedophiles were able to access it. 
Today, many sex crimes are conducted by large-scale rings involving many states and multiple countries with varying laws that are often in conflict with the U.S. law.  Many states now have laws making minors (under 18) victims of sex trafficking and eliminating the requirement for them to be held in safe haven. Sometimes the pimp waits outside the safe house knowing the state cannot require her to accept services. Many child pornography rings operate large-scale communities in the anonymity of the dark web using cyber currency that is untraceable. All of these are challenges for law enforcement to obtain search warrants, follow the money, track cases around the globe and still provide protection for the victim. Human exploitation is one of the greatest challenges to law enforcement in this decade!

Join us this week as your host, Opal Singleton, takes you around the world to look at intriguing cases where the law was simply not enough or was manipulated so that it was ineffective. We will explore multiple cases of sexual exploitation and examine the challenges and impact of the legal system for law enforcement to develop a case and prosecute the offender, as well as how to protect the victim from further exploitation by the system.
Lets talk about what YOU and your church or organization can do about it. Email info@millionkids.org and share your thoughts and questions.

Episode 2: Cyber Exploitation: A World Where No Child Is Safe

(Original  air date 09/01/16)

​​Episode Description

Our world is changing at the speed of light. Technology is neither good or bad. This generation of youth has more power, more access to the global world, and more opportunity than any generation before them. They also have multiplied risk as they are accessed by total strangers through unsuspected technologies.

Join us this week as we explore how cartels, gangs, pedophiles and predators of all kinds are using the nexus of live streaming, cyber currency, virtual reality, the dark web, money laundering and sensual selfies to exploit youth in the U.S. and around the globe. This confluence of events may be the greatest threat to law enforcement and our youth in our lifetime. Join the dialogue as we explore the impact on the lives of our children for generations to come. 

Season 2: Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity

Episode 4: Walking A Mile In Her Shoes (or five)

(Original air date 09/15/16)

​​Episode Description

Have you ever thought about the reality of the life of a girl in prostitution? What happens when the John doesn't pay? How do they spend hours in 5 inch spiked heels? What was life like for her when she was a child? or as his new girlfriend? or after a night where he beat her severely and burned her with an iron and raised her quota. Night after night of negotiation and exploitation of acceptance and rejection and wanting to be the hero, but fearing she may be beat to death.

Whether the victim is a 13-year-old runaway duped by a smooth-talking pimp or a 45-year-old woman, who has logged years "in the life,” victims of exploitation experience severe psychological damage, deep-seated emotional trauma, and are often branded and scarred after horrendous physical abuse.

This week on EXPLOITED: Crimes Against Humanity we are having the “Jen and Gwen Show” hosted by Opal Singleton. Jen Osgood from Rapha House and Gwen Adams from Priceless Alaska will join us to share their experiences in dealing with the physical, psychological and safety needs when working with victims of sex trafficking. If you are willing to hear the truth about victims of sex trafficking, we guarantee this will be one of the most informative shows you will ever experience. Be sure to share this information with your friends!

Episode 11: Trolling Through The Cesspool of the Dark Web: 
A Continued Look at Global Child Pornography Rings

(Original  air date 11/10/16)

​​Episode Description

WARNING: This show is for adults only. We desire to equip the public in combating child exploitation and stamping out this global scourge on our society. Join us, educate yourself, and help us take on the fight of our lives… eradicating domestic and global exploitation!

Child exploitation has gone high tech in mind numbing proportions. Recently law enforcement discovered a child pornography ring with 215,000 alleged pedophiles sharing vile photos of violated children. Another ring discovered in Scotland had over 30 MILLION images of abused children. Large data storage devices, cyber currency, live streaming and concealed pedophile communities in the Dark Web make all of this possible. 
We will look at several high profile cases to explore pedophiles’ attitudes and how they view their own acts of violation. We will look at fetishes they share and explore the requirements for belonging to a child pornography ring. We will try to comprehend the psychological dialogue in the mind of the pedophile, as well as explore the intense and permanent impact on the victim. AND, we will look at technology advances that will make the violation of our children one of the fastest growing and possibly the most lucrative crimes in the world.
Join us Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 7a.m. PST as Million Kids explores issues related to child pornnography. More important, lets talk about what YOU and your church or organization can do about it. Call in live Thursday morning at 866-472-5788 or email info@millionkids.org and share your thoughts and questions.

Episode 7: LIVE STREAMING: The Gateway to Global Exploitation of Children

(One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century)

(Original air date 10/06/16)

​​Episode Description

Live streaming is extraordinary new technology that can literally bring thousands of people together online “live” to exchange thoughts and ideas or just to watch an event. Unfortunately, child pornographers are using this technology to exploit children live on webcams. They can now charge for these events using cyber currency (bitcoin) and, within minutes, the event is over leaving no trace of the live stream or the financial transaction. No one (other than the viewers) will ever know it happened, except of course the child whose life is forever changed.

Be sure to join us Thursday at 7:00 a.m. on “EXPLOITED – CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY,” as hosts Opal Singleton and Susie Carpenter take on one of the greatest challenges of all time… keeping our kids safe in a world of mob exploitation through live streaming. Get educated. Engage with us and help by informing the world about this heinous and devastating crime. Share our broadcast live or share the archived show.

Episode 5: SEXTORTION (Virtual Sexual Assault)
When Salacious Selfies Turn to Blackmail

(Original air date 09/22/16)

​​Episode Description

Nearly every day we read about it and pray it won’t be our child. A predator in a faraway city has befriended a teen and ultimately a photo is exchanged. Quickly their lives become a nightmare as their new exciting “friend” threatens to destroy them by distributing the photo, or demanding money, or, even worse, requiring a continuous supply of more erotic and damaging photos. The youth is terrified, shamed and may even think of suicide. They panic, they can’t sleep, they may run away or stop going to school. The impact on an adolescent is life changing. It is the malicious phenomena called Sextortion.

According to the U.S Department of Justice, “sextortion is by far the most significantly growing threat to children.” Sextortionists are prolific and most have multiple victims. Their motives vary. Sometimes it is the collection of progressively erotic and degrading photos to share on large-scale child porn rings. Sometimes they want money – large sums of money. Sometimes it is about the power of demeaning a vulnerable child. Sometimes they desire a “relationship” with their prey. Both girls and boys are susceptible. In ALL cases it is virtual sexual assault.

Join us this week as we explore a multitude of cases involving sextortion. We will examine the statistics and predator tactics. We will talk about the do’s and don’ts of reporting cases of sextortion. We will look at common apps, chat rooms, games and schemes for enticing and recruiting vulnerable teens. SEXTORTION IS VIRTURAL EXPLOITATION. We invite you to join us and educate yourself so we can keep our young people safe.

Episode 6: SEXTORTION (Virtual Sexual Assault) PART 2

(Original air date 09/29/16)

​​Episode Description

It can happen to anyone (man, woman, boy, girl, gay, straight, innocent teen or a pernicious child) reaching out to find love in all the wrong places. Sextortion is the act of extortion or blackmail based on a sexually oriented encounter. Sometimes it is an old boyfriend threatening to use photos from a broken relationship, or a gamer who lures a teen into sending naked photos. It can be a “meet up” on Kik, Tinder, Grindr or Meetme that leads to webcam sex or a naked photo. Often it is a pedophile looking for photos of naked children to sell to thousands of others on child porn rings. Occasionally, it is a hacker using Malware that finds old photos stored on your hard drive that you long ago forgot about. The bottom line: Sextortion is an epidemic in this age of technology. It is one of the fastest growing cybercrimes in the U.S and around the world.

 This week on Exploited: Crimes Against Humanity we will examine real cases of sextortion. Every case is different and fascinating. There is no single method. Predators have varied fetishes and preferences. Some desire very young kids and others blackmail naïve and trusting adults. Most predators have multiple victims. At times they operate independently and other times they are part of an organized Sextortion ring. Predators begin on one app or chat room and move stealthily between them, using live streaming and webcams to keep from being caught. Join us as we go inside the dark world of pedophiles and predators that prey on the innocent through sextortion.

Episode 9: Child Sex Trafficking: The Most Vulnerable

(Original  air date 10/27/16)

​​Episode Description

- Foster Kids
- Homeless Kids
- Runaway Kids
- Pregnant Teens and Women
- Drug Addicted Individuals
- Teens who "meet up" on Social Media
Want to know more about how to stop sex trafficking? Let’s look at the vulnerable individuals that are favorite targets of pimps, pedophiles and predators. More than 60% of youth in prostitution come from the foster care system and group homes. About 80% of homeless kids come from foster care. As you follow Million Kids on Facebook you will soon see a trend that gangs and pimps prey on runaway teenagers and they are some of the most violated victims in sex trafficking cases because they have few alternatives. Our research indicates there are certain commonalities in these individuals that pimps recognize and exploit. This show will explore the traits that make victims vulnerable and how we can empower potential victims so they can find the inner warrior to stand against becoming ensnared. 
Join us Thursday, October 27, 2016 at 7a.m. PST as Million Kids explores issues related to the most vulnerable prey of predators. More important, lets talk about what YOU and your church or organization can do about it. Call in live Thursday morning at 866-472-5788 or email info@millionkids.org and share your experience either as a survivor of sex trafficking or an organization with real solutions to combat it.

Episode 3: The Exploitation of Migrants in the U.S.

(Original air date 09/08/16)

​​Episode Description

Legal and illegal immigration is a huge issue in the 2016 U.S. election. All around the globe we are witnessing mass migration and millions of refugees being uprooted and displaced because of war and political unrest. These are truly historic times for our world.

This week we will explore how foreign nationals are exploited in the U.S. You may be surprised to learn that most exploited foreign nationals arrive in the U.S. legally. Certainly those with no documentation are the most vulnerable, but most exploited migrants have student or work visas. And, most victims of human trafficking are exploited by foreign nationals of the same ethnicity.

We will look at cases involving Chinese women sex workers in Los Angeles and New York, a Latin American sex trafficking ring, and how innocent "border kids" ended up forced to clean chicken coops and debeak chickens all day long without pay. America is a land of promise to foreign nationals, but in many cases vulnerable victims find themselves at a center of a nightmare when they arrive because they trusted the wrong people.

Episode 10: Disgusting, Despicable, Scourge of the Earth:
Child Pornography

(Original  air date 11/03/16)

​​Episode Description

WARNING: This show is not for the faint of heart. But we cannot look the other way. A CHILD IS COUNTING ON US to recognize them and put these guys out of business!

Considering all the ways a child can be exploited, I think being victimized by a pedophile and having it recorded and distributed around the globe, FOREVER, is one of the most vile criminal activities on earth. Not only does the child endure sexual violation, violence, torture and humiliation, their experience is recorded for all time and passed around to pedophiles around the world to pleasure themselves again and again. To make child pornography YOU NEED A CHILD.

This week’s show looks at the growing global epidemic of child pornography. We will examine real cases and look into the lives of pedophiles. Why? Why? Why would anyone want to harm a child. How do pedophiles find each other and how does technology facilitate the building of large-scale pedophile communities? How do they justify their fetish?

What about the victims? Who are they? How are they selected? What is the role of the family in the life of a child pornography victim? Most important, what can be done to stop it?  Without intervention, technology will facilitate pedophilia to the point that it may become the most lucrative global crime ever.
Join us Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 7a.m. PST as Million Kids explores issues related to child pornnography. More important, lets talk about what YOU and your church or organization can do about it. Call in live Thursday morning at 866-472-5788 or email info@millionkids.org and share your thoughts and questions.

Episode 8: Human Trafficking in America: Is It Hype or Is It Real?

(Original  air date 10/20/16)

​​Episode Description

It seems like every week we see a special on TV about sex slaves in America. Sunday night specials feature seemingly unbelievable stories of young girls forced into prostitution. There are now an estimated 100 nonprofit organizations combating human trafficking in Southern California alone. So what is the truth? What are the driving forces behind this apparent epidemic? Who are the victims? Why here and why now?

Human trafficking is indeed the fastest growing crime in America and three out of four victims are U.S. Citizens (our people, many are our kids). A full 90% of sex trafficking cases in Southern California are gang-related, but the kids who fall prey to these gangs never once in their wildest dreams ever thought they would end up in forced prostitution.  Nearly half of the cases involve gang-rings encompassing multiple cities and states.

A full 60% of cases involve recruitment by another girl.

Million Kids is a pioneer in the field of prevention and intervention to keep our kids safe from predators. We have trained tens of thousands of government agencies, educators, faith-based leaders, corporate leaders, law enforcement and first responders, as well as parents and teens, about how pimps and predators trick and lure innocent young people into sextortion (blackmail with a naked photo) and prostitution (sex trafficking). We are known for our cutting-edge research on technology and human exploitation.Join us this week as we dissect how vicious pimps, pedophiles and predators target our youth and lure, force and coerce them into a life of drugs, sex, abuse and servitude.