Episode 4: SEXTORTION (Virtual Sexual Assault) Part 2

(Rebroadcast 03/23/17 - Original air date 09/29/16)

​​Episode Description

It can happen to anyone (man, woman, boy, girl, gay, straight, innocent teen or a pernicious child) reaching out to find love in all the wrong places. Sextortion is the act of extortion or blackmail based on a sexually oriented encounter. Sometimes it is an old boyfriend threatening to use photos from a broken relationship, or a gamer who lures a teen into sending naked photos. It can be a “meet up” on Kik, Tinder, Grindr or Meetme that leads to webcam sex or a naked photo. Often it is a pedophile looking for photos of naked children to sell to thousands of others on child porn rings. Occasionally, it is a hacker using Malware that finds old photos stored on your hard drive that you long ago forgot about. The bottom line: Sextortion is an epidemic in this age of technology. It is one of the fastest growing cybercrimes in the U.S and around the world.

 This week on Exploited: Crimes Against Humanity we will examine real cases of sextortion. Every case is different and fascinating. There is no single method. Predators have varied fetishes and preferences. Some desire very young kids and others blackmail naïve and trusting adults. Most predators have multiple victims. At times they operate independently and other times they are part of an organized Sextortion ring. Predators begin on one app or chat room and move stealthily between them, using live streaming and webcams to keep from being caught. Join us as we go inside the dark world of pedophiles and predators that prey on the innocent through sextortion.

Episode 1: An In-depth Look at the Underlying Psychological Factors in Cyber Recruiting and Cyber Relationships

(Original  air date 03/02/17)

​​Episode Description

This week we will continue the series of understanding how cyber relationships can lead vulnerable individuals into a false sense of acceptance and love. We will examine how predators prey on a persons need for feedback and inclusion. We will look at examples of how victims over came inhibitions and put aside good judgement. We will talk about fetishes and how the cyber community normalizes irrational and abhorrent behavior providing a pedophile with a sense of intimacy and normalization.

Join us this week  as host, Opal Singleton, explores the underlying psychological factors in cyber recruiting and cyber relationships. Be sure to share this show with everyone you know!

6 Common Ways to Recognize That Someone May Be in Danger of Becoming a Victim of Sex or Labor Trafficking

(Original  air date 05/25/17)

​​Episode Description

Many government agency personnel, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, and faith-based communities have asked us to outline the signs to look for in evaluating if a person might be a victim of human trafficking.

Human Exploitation is a complex subject and is difficult to define in a concrete 1-2-3- outline. In this show we will continue to discuss possible indicators that a person is in danger of becoming a victim of sex or labor trafficking or may be currently being exploited.

We will look at:

• Early signs of grooming
• Changes in behavior
• Signs of grooming through online video gaming
• Signs that a person is being exploited or sex trafficked
• Signs for Law Enforcement to consider in a traffic stop
• Signs that the person is a being exploited through labor trafficking

Episode 3: SEXTORTION (Virtual Sexual Assault)
When Salacious Selfies Turn to Blackmail

(Rebroadcast 03/16/17 - Original air date 09/22/16)

​​Episode Description

Nearly every day we read about it and pray it won’t be our child. A predator in a faraway city has befriended a teen and ultimately a photo is exchanged. Quickly their lives become a nightmare as their new exciting “friend” threatens to destroy them by distributing the photo, or demanding money, or, even worse, requiring a continuous supply of more erotic and damaging photos. The youth is terrified, shamed and may even think of suicide. They panic, they can’t sleep, they may run away or stop going to school. The impact on an adolescent is life changing. It is the malicious phenomena called Sextortion.

According to the U.S Department of Justice, “sextortion is by far the most significantly growing threat to children.” Sextortionists are prolific and most have multiple victims. Their motives vary. Sometimes it is the collection of progressively erotic and degrading photos to share on large-scale child porn rings. Sometimes they want money – large sums of money. Sometimes it is about the power of demeaning a vulnerable child. Sometimes they desire a “relationship” with their prey. Both girls and boys are susceptible. In ALL cases it is virtual sexual assault.

Join us this week as we explore a multitude of cases involving sextortion. We will examine the statistics and predator tactics. We will talk about the do’s and don’ts of reporting cases of sextortion. We will look at common apps, chat rooms, games and schemes for enticing and recruiting vulnerable teens. SEXTORTION IS VIRTURAL EXPLOITATION. We invite you to join us and educate yourself so we can keep our young people safe. 

Episode 11: The Maria Suarez Story

(Original  air date 05/11/17)

​​Episode Description

This week host, Opal Singleton, will be interviewing, Maria Suarez, who will share her personal story as a survivor of human trafficking. Maria was born in Mexico and at the age of 15, a man from Azusa, California bought her for $200. She later spent 22 years wrongly incarcerated for the murder of her captor. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS SHOW!

The 10 Most Common Ways to Recognize That a Teen May Be Being Groomed or Recruited Into Sex Trafficking

(Original  air date 05/18/17)

​​Episode Description

Parents, grandparents, school staff, and counselors often ask us how to tell if a teen (girl or boy) is being “groomed” or recruited into sex trafficking. This week’s show will look at the most obvious and some not so obvious signs to look for when a teen is being lured into “the life” by a pimp or predator.

Join us this week as we explore the challenges of working with individuals who are vulnerable and may be being led down a path of exploitation.

Episode 6: Cyber Sex On Demand, Virtual Prostitution and Interactive Pornography

(Original  air date 04/06/17)

​​Episode Description

This decade has introduced a new era of sexual exploitation never before
imagined. The internet is changing the way predators exploit victims and
more important changing how commercial sexual services are being offered
to the public around the globe. This means that law enforcement must change
their approach to investigations, apprehensions, evidence gathering and
prosecutions. We predict that fetishes will reach unfathomable limits as addictions increase and abhorrent behavior is normalized through cyber communities.
Join with Million Kids this week as we explore the impact of new technology in changing the world of commercial sexual exploitation!

Episode 10: Heroin, Homeless, Helpless and Sex Trafficking:
A Hard Look at the Dark Side of Life

(Original  air date 05/04/17)

​​Episode Description

This show is not for the faint of heart. Truthfully, it is hard to look at. Predators prey on the vulnerable. A homeless woman is an exploited woman. A drug addicted victim whether male or female is easy prey for predators. A runaway teen has few options. They are all like flies in a spider web who become more entangled with each bad decision.

This week on "Exploited: Crimes Against Humanity" we will explore some hardcore cases of extreme violation . It is important to understand just how evil, evil can become if we do not work to rescue and defend vulnerable people. In these cases, we will examine where law enforcement, or a good Samaritan, intervened, reached out, and reported to law enforcement so they could help people who could not help themselves.

Episode 5: Human Trafficking: The Global Goldmine for Gangs and Cartels​

(Part 2)

(Rebroadcast 03/30/17 - Original air date 08/04/16)

​​Episode Description

Gangs are making more money selling people than they are selling drugs in many cities. In fact in some US Cities, 90% of sex trafficking cases have a gang connection. This week’s show will explore some of the most violent and prolific gang sex trafficking cases including the Dog Pound Gang (Fresno, California), The Tycoon Gang (San Diego, California) , El Flaco and the South Florida Gang (Transnational Gang).

Gangs and multi state sex trafficking cases are some of the hardest cases for law enforcement to deal with. The level of brutality to the victim is often beyond comprehension. The rings are sophisticated, organized and violent. And, they are making millions of dollars by exploiting the most vulnerable. The victims are often young teenagers or foreign national women who cannot get free.  Join Exploited – Crimes Against Humanity and help us educate the public to recognize potential cases and provide the information necessary to help prevent and end this indescribable travesty.

Episode 7: A Hard Look at the Exploitation of Migrants and Foreign Nationals

(Original air date 04/13/17)

​​Episode Description

The issue of immigration is a true hot button right now not only in the U.S. but throughout Europe and the Middle East. This week we will look at cases involving both documented and undocumented victims. We will examine the profile of the perpetrators and their methodology for recruiting vulnerable individuals. And, we will explore how U.S. Law Enforcement views foreign national victims and what is being done to protect them from exploitation. Whether they are documented or undocumented, you will soon realize that foreign national victims are some of the most exploited individuals in the world. And, the exploitation often is perpetrated by people from their own country of origin. 

Join us this week as we take on this very difficult subject.

Season 4: Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity

Episode 9: Why Combating Child Pornography is Important

(Original  air date 04/27/17)

​​Episode Description

Let's face it. NOBODY wants to talk about child pornography. It is icky and repulsive. The very thought of a single child (or groups of children) being violated, filmed and sold for pleasure is one of the most sickening subjects any radio commentator could take on.

But if we don't, WHO will?

The Internet facilitates global cyber communities where pedophiles and perverts find one another, embellish each other’s fetishes by providing inclusion and approval for their behavior. The result being that this decade could become the most rampant decade in history for expanding and accelerating child pornography.

Episode 8: Polywood Crips Street Gang: Understanding the Anatomy of Gang Trafficking

(Original air date 04/20/17)

​​Episode Description

This week the US Attorney’s Office announced the sentencing of defendants in the Polywood Crips Street Gang out of Fort Worth, Texas. There are nine defendants (six males and three females) with multiple victims, many of whom were minor victims, of a sex trafficking conspiracy.

This week we will take an in depth look at the anatomy of gang trafficking. We will analyze this case from the perspective of the victims, the perpetrators and the challenges for law enforcement. We will also be discussing the difficult task of dealing with runaway teens who are often the most vulnerable population for gang trafficking. 

Episode 2: Cyber Exploitation: A World Where No Child Is Safe

(Original air date 09/01/16)

​​Episode Description

Our world is changing at the speed of light. Technology is neither good or bad. This generation of youth has more power, more access to the global world, and more opportunity than any generation before them. They also have multiplied risk as they are accessed by total strangers through unsuspected technologies.

Join us this week as we explore how cartels, gangs, pedophiles and predators of all kinds are using the nexus of live streaming, cyber currency, virtual reality, the dark web, money laundering and sensual selfies to exploit youth in the U.S. and around the globe. This confluence of events may be the greatest threat to law enforcement and our youth in our lifetime. Join the dialogue as we explore the impact on the lives of our children for generations to come.