Episode 3: Who Are The Men That Are Buying Sex — Really?
A Hard Look at the “Demand” Side of Commercial Sex 

(Original  air date 06/15/17)

​​Episode Description

Recently, I was having a dinner table discussion about commercial sex and exploitation when a family member suddenly made a statement, “sex buyers are all Caucasian men  in suits and are Republicans.” Well certainly this person is young and uninformed and I found it all quite amusing. And, perhaps she just saw a rerun of the movie “Pretty Woman.”
But it occurred to me that ALL of us have prejudices and preconditioning on the subject of sex buying. Certainly prostitution is the world’s oldest profession. We have all heard that ad nauseam. But, because of gangs and social media, commercial sex is not the casual activity we once thought it was.

This week we will take a hard look at the world of sex buying. Join us as we explore the phenomena of sex buying and the demographics of the perpetrators. There is a critical need to educate men and women that sex buying in a world of sex trafficking is not a victimless event. More important, if a cartel will violate a child for commercial gain, they will think nothing of violating and exploiting the sex buyer. This is one episode that should be heard and shared with men and women around the globe.

Episode 7: The Cost of Human Trafficking: A Look at Money Laundering and How It Works (Part 1) 

(Original  air date 07/13/17)

​​Episode Description

This week we will look at the human cost of sex trafficking and how gangs and organized crime move tens of millions of dollars offshore, as well as, how local gangs generate millions of dollars through human exploitation. This segment looks at money funneling, Hawala methods of money movement, and how tens of millions of dollars made from illegal sexual exploitation is laundered through real estate, counterfeit goods and exchange for consumer goods.

Episode 5: Social Media Advancements in 2017: Why Does It Matter? 

(Original  air date 06/29/17)

​​Episode Description

Snapchat can now broadcast out the location where a photo was taken. Snapchat now has money transfer capability attached to your photo. Instagram now has disappearing video. Facebook Messenger has encrypted messaging and chatrooms. A predator can livestream into your living room to see your chat face-to-face. AND, IT CAN BE DONE INSIDE A VIDEO GAME CHAT ROOM.

Join us this week as Opal Singleton, President and CEO of Million Kids, explores the fast-changing advancements in technology and what that means to you and your family.

Episode 1: Human Trafficking in the UK and Europe Similarities and Differences to U.S. Trafficking 

(Original  air date 06/01/17)

​​Episode Description

The epidemic of sex and labor trafficking is not just a U.S. phenomenon. This week's we will explore issues related to global human trafficking focusing primarily on Europe and UK cases. We will examine both the similarities and differences in these cases. And, we will look at the impact of mass migration of refugees and immigrants, where cartels and gangs prey on vulnerable and displaced peoples. We will also discuss law enforcement's response to the crime and compare sentencing and victim recovery programs to assist those who have been exploited.

Episode 13: The Challenges of Dealing with Juvenile Sex Offenders with guest, Alana Hendrix, MS, LMFT

(Original air date 08/24/17)

​​Episode Description

ALERT: This session is not for the faint of heart. Please give careful consideration before listening to this program. This show is meant to serve as insight and education for the professional community that may be working with or exposed to child sex offenders. If you are uncomfortable discussing child sexual violation, we suggest that you skip this session. 

Working with youth who are sex offenders is one of the most challenging endeavors a therapist can undertake.  Alana Hendrix is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with thousands of hours of experience and education in issues related to juvenile sex offenders, especially young male offenders. 

This week, Alana will share with our audience many of the psychological push-pull factors involved in male juvenile sex offender cases. She will share with us her insights about how to educate ourselves so that we can recognize signs of child exploitation and how to prevent and report it. Equipping ourselves to keep kids safe from predators is an important responsibility we must bear!

Episode 4: Is Your Child’s Self-Esteem For Sale? 

(Original  air date 06/22/17)

​​Episode Description

This week we will explore “FREEMIUMS" and the world of online gaming. The video game industry is expected to reach $102.9 BILLION IN 2017. It is estimated that adults now spend on average 5 hours and 46 minutes online and on their mobile devices each day. Game makers all over the globe have discovered a most lucrative revenue generator called “FREEMIUMS.”

"FREEMIUMS" are defined as "a business model that provides a game to players free of charge, but charges a premium fee for special features, powers or content. Game designers purposely make the game as difficult as possible to progress within the game so you will buy upgrades, power ups and equipment that will raise your score. It was reported last year that 76% of iPhone app revenue came from in-app purchases.

Why does this matter? In a video game, the player's score determines their acceptance and/or rejection by their teammates. This means game players are ensuring the difficulty in succeeding and ultimately the player will "pay" for acceptance and success. A gaming chat room is open season for grooming and influencing a young player’s ideas on many subjects. Once a young player falls behind they will begin to take short cuts including buying "Freemiums.”

Episode 8: The Cost of Human Trafficking: A Look at Money Laundering and How It Works (Part 2) 

(Scheduled air date 07/20/17)

​​Episode Description

This week we will look at money laundering as it relates to child pornography and child sexual exploitation. We will look at Crypto currencies and how they work, and how they are used to generate capital for pedophiles. We will examine the changes in money transfer in popular apps and the potential for large-scale money laundering activities. 

Season 5: Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity

Episode 10: The Challenge to Obtain Justice and Protection for Victims in a Global World of Encrypted Social Media and Disappearing Evidence (Part 2) 

(Original air date 08/03/17)

​​Episode Description

Poof – The Evidence is Gone!

The last six months has brought a plethora of new technologies that are changing our lives at the speed of light. We are now seeing disappearing video, encrypted messaging, encrypted chat rooms, live-streaming within a video game chat room, anonymous and untraceable cyber currency and, yes even Backpage is now taking untraceable gift cards purchased with cash.

WhatsApp has led the industry in encrypted messaging. They have a monthly user base of 1.3 BILLION users sharing 55 BILLION messages, 4.5 BILLION photos and one BILLION videos PER DAY. 

This week Opal Singleton, President and CEO of Million Kids, will explore the impact on crime and crime solving when there is no chain of evidence. We will look at the search warrant process, the Rule of 41, and how law enforcement can investigate illicit sexual activity in an encrypted world. 

Episode 6: Cyber Exploitation: A World Where No Child is Safe 

(Original  air date 09/01/16 | Rebroadcast air date: 07/06/17)

​​Episode Description

Our world is changing at the speed of light. Technology is neither good or bad. This generation of youth has more power, more access to the global world, and more opportunity than any generation before them. They also have multiplied risk as they are accessed by total strangers through unsuspected technologies.

Join us this week as we explore how cartels, gangs, pedophiles and predators of all kinds are using the nexus of live streaming, cyber currency, virtual reality, the dark web, money laundering and sensual selfies to exploit youth in the U.S. and around the globe. This confluence of events may be the greatest threat to law enforcement and our youth in our lifetime. Join the dialogue as we explore the impact on the lives of our children for generations to come.

Episode 9: The Challenge to Obtain Justice and Protection for Victims in a Global World of Encrypted Social Media and Disappearing Evidence (Part 1) 

(Original air date 07/27/17)

​​Episode Description

Our world is changing at the speed of light. As Americans we are protected by the First Amendment and expect a right to privacy where law enforcement has to obtain legal permission to enter our world and gather evidence. Our nation’s primary responsibility is to protect its’ citizens from harm. However, once an American citizen posts information on the world wide web, the discussion becomes quite fascinating. Once that citizen engages on the Dark Web, uses encrypted messaging or views child pornography, live-streamed sexually abusive encounters, or disappearing video, the discussion becomes volatile.

This week Opal Singleton, President and CEO of Million Kids, looks at the race for technology in providing global anonymity and how terrorists, pedophiles and predators use emerging technology to confound legal evidence gathering. 

Episode 11: New Trends and Modalities in Crimes Against Children 

(Original air date 08/10/17)

​​Episode Description

This week host, Opal Singleton, and Susie Carpenter, Director of Media & Marketing for Million Kids, will be attending the "Crimes Against Children Conference” in Dallas, Texas. While at the conference, Opal and Susie plan to sit in on as many technology and social media exploitation related workshops as possible. 

This week’s show will be a summary of all the new trends and changes taking place in the fight to keep kids safe from predators. Be sure to join us as we bring you the facts and fiction of crime fighting as we hear it from the experts.

Episode 2: Understanding the Secret “Codes” of Internet Sex Advertising 

(Original  air date 06/08/17)

​​Episode Description

There is much ado these days about Backpage.com going out of business. It seems that is truly "fake news.”

Have you ever wondered how sex classified ads really work and what those elusive roses, hearts and diamonds mean? This week we will explore the secrets of internet sex advertising. We will look at the language, the codes and even sex buyer review sites. We will take a hard look at how law enforcement deals with sex selling ads. 

Episode 12: Sextortion: Is Your Child at Risk When They Have 75,000 Followers? 

(Original air date 08/17/17)

​​Episode Description

This week we will look at the top apps and trends of the social media industry. We will also explore what predators and pedophiles look for in potential victims and how they use apps to groom victims. Most importantly, we will look at what a family can do to develop a strategy for social media to keep kids safe while online.


• The average age of victims is 14.
• Predators have a hiearchy for identifying potential victims:
• Predators will move on if the victim resists
• Most teen victims will defer to predators to avoid rejection of parents
• 2017 – More than 75% of children under eight have access to a smart phone

Be sure to join us as we look at some apps that are fast becoming a playground for predators.