Episode 3: Understanding Cyber-Currencies and Money Laundering and the Role They Play in Global Human Exploitation

(Original air date 12/14/17)

​​Episode Description

The global phenomena of gangs using child and adult sex trafficking to generate millions of dollars is driven by one thing —— IT'S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

On one of our recent shows, we talked about the SCALE AND SCOPE of organized criminal gangs generating tens of millions of dollars by exploiting people. Prostitution advertising websites use bitcoin to charge for their ads. Gangs use bitcoin to buy and sell on the dark net. Kids use bitcoin to buy virtual tattoos in online gaming. Investors boast glowingly about the amazing investment opportunities with cyber-currency.


This week our guest will be Lynn Edgington, Founder/President of Eagle Research Associates, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Southern California. He is also the author of, “Robbing You with a Keyboard Instead Of A Gun - Cyber Crime How They Do It.”

Lynn works with law enforcement around the globe to assist in cyber-crime investigations involving crypto-currencies and cyber-financial fraud. During this show, we will share with the public key elements to watch out for so you don't become a victim of cyber-crime. We will discuss the phenomena of bitcoin and the dangers associated with investing in cyber-currencies. We will look at multi-level marketing and ponzie schemes and how unsuspecting corporations and individuals have been victimized. We will look at how organized crime groups use cyber-fraud to launder money.

Episode 5: The Marketing of Commercial Sex Services:
How It Is Done and How It Is Changing

(Original Air Date 12/28/17)

​​Episode Description

The Internet has spawned thousands of websites that promote commercial sex, escort services, erotic pornography and steamy chat lines. One of the most infamous of these is Backpage.com.

In Riverside County, California alone there are an estimated 15,000 to 18,000 ads on Backpage per year that offer a connection for hooking up. And that is just for ”Women Dating Men,” and does not include the many other categories such as Gay and Transgender hookups.

Backpage has long been a target of activists, NGO's, Law Enforcement and Congress. Backpage is, in fact, the "electronic auctioning of people’s sexual services,” while veiling themselves as only being in the advertising business. They insist that they are not responsible for what people sell once they advertise on their site.

Millions of dollars have been spent trying to put Backpage out of business. Organizations launched complaints resulting in Backpage no longer able to accept credit cards. However, with credit cards, law enforcement could at least get a search warrant and trace the money. Now sex trafficking investigations have become harder as Backpage began using Bitcoin, which can be anonymous and non-traceable.

Technology companies spent millions developing algorithms to track keywords and emojis on the Backpage ads to help identify potential victims of sex trafficking (Thank You, Thorn). BUT, Backpage CHANGED again. Now they only offer phone numbers on the ads. Yes, just like the White Pages... So what is wrong with THAT? Join us this week to find out.

Episode 2: Working With The Homeless to Prevent Trafficking and Exploitation

(Original  air date 12/07/17)

​​Episode Description


I will never forget chatting with a survivor of sex trafficking. She shared with me about the first night she was homeless. No one told her that a homeless woman cannot sleep at night. She said she was sleeping on a park bench when she was raped.

This week Host Opal Singleton interviews Samantha Eitner from the Orange County Rescue Mission. We will talk about why people are homeless and what can be done about it. We will also explore issues of addiction, unemployment, mental illness and how to create safe housing environments for women with children.  And, we will talk about how you can volunteer to help the homeless in your community.

Episode 6: The Impact of Illegal Immigration on Human Trafficking

(Original Air Date 1/4/18)

​​Episode Description

When it comes to mass migration of individuals around the globe, we are living in historical times. Europe is seeing a major influx of impoverished and displaced persons arriving from foreign cultures. The U.S. is grappling with “the wall" and how to deal with the massive entry of people from Latin America and Mexico, who are seeking to escape violence, crime and poverty.

This week California legislators (not the people) voted to make California a "Sanctuary State" ignoring long standing immigration laws. Lost in the dialogue is the reality of what happens to a vulnerable undocumented adult or child alien (with few resources), who has paid a cartel member (coyote) to cross the border illegally and is now being extorted. For many, their family members back home are being threatened with violence if they don't come up with more money. 

Few of us see the underground world an illegal migrant has to navigate. They fear law enforcement and being deported. They fear being violated both financially and sexually by gang or organized crime members. Few can go back home. They have paid with everything they had. Many become victims of sex and labor trafficking. Their dream of starting a new life becomes a nightmare.

Episode 9: Our World is Changing at the Speed of Light!

(Original Air Date 1/25/18)

​​Episode Description

This week we are looking at a range of changes taking place in our society. Mass migration throughout Europe and displaced refugees are changing societies and creating no go zones for law enforcement. Latin America and Mexico immigration are challenging Federal Laws with law enforcement agencies caught in a tug-of-war when California legislation voted to become a sanctuary state and not enforce Federal Laws.

Encrypted messaging, live streaming, disappearing video, and virtual reality are challenging constitutionally supported search and seizure procedures. We are entering an era of personal responsibility as families develop strategies to provide safe and healthy environments in a global world where millions of predators use technology to influence the values of the next generation and law enforcement is challenged to identify perpetrators and intervene.

Episode 10: Reverse Stings: Is Prostitution a Victimless Crime?

(Original Air Date 2/1/18)

​​Episode Description

Just this week, a collaboration of more than 85 federal, state, county and local law enforcement and nonprofit community organizations conducted Operation Reclaim & Rebuild – a statewide, law enforcement effort aimed at sending a clear message that human trafficking will no longer be tolerated in California. In all 45 adults and 11 minor females were rescued from sex trafficking, and 30 traffickers and 178 johns were arrested during the operation.

In one very disturbing incident in Milpitas, California, a man dressed in full police uniform - including a side arm - was arrested on felony charges after he sexually assaulted a human-trafficking victim. The suspect was found to be already on felony probation and wanted by police for additional, similar crimes.

The operation also targeted those who use the internet to exploit victims. In one such instance, an undercover deputy posing as a young female on social media was contacted by a suspect, who recruited her to work for him in the commercial sex trade.

After arranging a meeting, the pimp drove from Riverside County to meet with his victim. He demanded $500 from the victim for him to manage her. The suspect would collect the money from the customers and give the victim whatever he decided she needed.The suspect was arrested by task force detectives and found to be in possession of a stolen .357 Magnum handgun.

A recent university study found that San Diego’s underground sex industry nets $810 million a year and victimizes an average of 5,000 women, girls and boys.

“Buyers convince themselves they are involved in a hobby where there are no victims,” District Attorney Summer Stephan said in a statement Tuesday announcing the sting results. “The anonymity of the Internet emboldens Johns to ask for and expect the most extreme acts. They are often more violent than the pimps and traffickers themselves. Johns treat sex trafficking victims as less than human and they believe that there will be no one to hold them accountable for their actions.”

In Riverside County, law enforcement officers placed decoy advertisements on a popular classified advertisement website commonly used for the solicitation of prostitution. These officers then responded to prospective customers who replied to these advertisements. Once an agreement for prostitution was brokered, the customers were arrested upon their arrival at a pre-determined meeting location. 

While conversing with the callers, some expressed a sexual interest in, and ultimately agreed to meet with a minor for sex acts. The “minor” was in actuality an undercover task force officer posing as an underage female. The suspects who knowingly believed they were meeting with a minor for prostitution were arrested for solicitation of a minor for lewd acts, a felony.Prostitution is not a “victimless” crime. Ninety-five percent of sex trafficking victims are women or children. Those involved in commercial sexual exploitation frequently have long histories of emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse or trauma in their backgrounds. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimates 1 in 6 endangered runaways reported are likely victims of sex trafficking. Sex trafficking victims are often subjected not only to severe forms of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of their trafficker, but are also frequently physically and sexually assaulted by those that solicit them for prostitution.

Episode 7: Sex As A Weapon: A Hard Look at Sextortion

(Original Air Date 1/11/18)

​​Episode Description

This week we are going to examine the case of Donald Kelly, a 36-year-old man from Manhattan, New York, who was indicted on charges of enticing a minor to engage in illegal sex acts, sexual exploitation of a minor and possession of child pornography. In this case the victim was an EIGHT YEAR OLD GIRL! 

We are entering an age where a child's first sexual experience may very well be a virtual sexual experience. Sextortion is the act of blackmail with a photo. Today thousands of sextortion-rings prey on available and vulnerable minors. They get sucked in believing they are communicating with another young boy or girl, but in-fact it is more likely a 52-year-old registered sex offender who is part of a large-scale ring of pedophiles preying on innocent young children. Many parents seem oblivious to the reality of their child's situation believing their child is smarter than most and that they will be careful. The result: Instead of waiting for the child to grow up in a world of innocence, they EXPERIENCE SEX as a WEAPON. Their lives are changed forever. So who is at fault here?

In this show we will explore the statistics of how often this is happening and, even more importantly, we will talk about the impact on the next generation and what can be done to prevent it.

Episode 1: Scope and Scale

(Original  air date 11/30/17)

​​Episode Description

People often ask if the global epidemic of sexual exploitation is real. Million Kids has been in the “business” of combating adult and child sexual exploitation for nearly ten years now. And the answer is “YES” it is very real. Million Kids is committed to dealing with facts not drama. While trafficking is NOT occurring on every street corner, there is a very real threat to the safety and sanctity of the most vulnerable in our society.

What is disturbing is the frequency of cases being brought to the court system, the number of perpetrators, and the number of victims in each case. In the early days, we would often see one pimp with two to five victims in a case. Today, it is not unusual for a case to be comprised of eight to thirty perpetrators exploiting dozens, even hundreds of victims covering many cities and states in the U.S.

What is the difference? Organized criminal activity, cyber communities and social media use in recruitment. This week we will look at a wide variety of cases to understand the epidemic known as human exploitation. We will also explore these cases from a law enforcement perspective as to what it takes to build a case and prosecute the perpetrators. Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. and it will take a serious financial and human commitment to stop this scourge in our communities!

Episode 12: Walking A Mile In Her Shoes (or five) 

(Special Rebroadcast 2/15/18 | Original Air Date 9/15/16)

​​Episode Description

Have you ever thought about the reality of the life of a girl in prostitution? What happens when the John doesn't pay? How do they spend hours in 5 inch spiked heels? What was life like for her when she was a child? or as his new girlfriend? or after a night where he beat her severely and burned her with an iron and raised her quota. Night after night of negotiation and exploitation of acceptance and rejection and wanting to be the hero, but fearing she may be beat to death.

Whether the victim is a 13-year-old runaway duped by a smooth-talking pimp or a 45-year-old woman, who has logged years "in the life,” victims of exploitation experience severe psychological damage, deep-seated emotional trauma, and are often branded and scarred after horrendous physical abuse.

This week on EXPLOITED: Crimes Against Humanity we are having the “Jen and Gwen Show” hosted by Opal Singleton. Jen Osgood from Rapha House and Gwen Adams from Priceless Alaska will join us to share their experiences in dealing with the physical, psychological and safety needs when working with victims of sex trafficking. If you are willing to hear the truth about victims of sex trafficking, we guarantee this will be one of the most informative shows you will ever experience. Be sure to share this information with your friends!


(Original Air Date 2/8/18)

​​Episode Description

This week we will look at the global epidemic of child sexual exploitation and child pornography and discuss how law enforcement is creating a global investigation network in both the clear and dark net to find and apprehend pedophiles and child abusers around the globe.

Just recently the world was stunned as we heard about the suicide death of Mark Salling (pictured left) from the TV show, "Glee." Mark was an attractive actor, who seemingly had it all.  The court records indicate that he admitted to possessing approximately 25,000 images of children engaged in sexual conduct. Mark struck a plea agreement with the courts that would have resulted in him serving four to seven years in prison and then register as a sex offender. News reports stated that he was brought to the attention of law enforcement after he shared some of the photos with his girlfriend. A former girlfriend said she was not totally shocked by the allegations. And now, a judge has dismissed all child pornography charges against Mark Salling making it impossible for his victims to receive any restitution. 

Peter Henry Herz, 61, (pictured right) received an eight year sentence in federal prison for possessing child pornography.  Herz was the pianist and musical director for the Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, California. He was by all accounts an accomplished individual, who also served as the staff accompanist for the Theater Department at California State University in Fullerton. Herz had previously been arrested in 2009 for possessing child pornography.  It is unclear if his current employers knew of this charge. While awaiting his trial, Herz obtained new images and had in his possession more than 500,000 images and 369 videos depicting child sexual exploitation.

Meghan Alt, a former Orange County Beauty Pageant Queen and mother of three, (pictured left) pled guilty and has been convicted on charges of  producing and distributing child pornography. Meghan is charged with taking sexually explicit images of a 4-year-old female relative and offered the photos online in exchange for cash and gifts.  One of the purchasers of the photos was a marine stationed in Southern California. NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Services) discovered the pornographic images and began the investigation. Meghan also advertised herself for sexual encounters on craigslist. And, in at least one exchange, her children were present. Her husband apparently knew nothing about her involvement in child pornography and took custody of the minor children. 

Episode 13: California May Grant Early Release to 10,000
Sex Offenders!  

(Original Air Date 2/22/18)

​​Episode Description

When Gov. Jerry Brown was promoting Proposition 57 to voters in 2016, he characterized it as a common sense criminal law reform that would give nonviolent felons a better chance at rehabilitation by allowing them to earn earlier releases on parole.

However, it did not specify which felonies would be deemed nonviolent. Rather, Brown’s campaign confirmed that it would be every felony not included on a specific Penal Code list of 23 violent crimes – and that lack of specificity is now backfiring.

​Prosecutor Michele Hanisee, president of the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys, said the public was duped by the language of the proposition.

“It’s very clear they intended to release violent offenders by re-describing them, despite their crimes, as nonviolent offenders,” she said. The association and numerous other law enforcement groups campaigned against Prop. 57.

According to Hanisee, this was all part of a misguided push to empty the jails. “They keep talking about alternatives to rehabilitation but the only alternative they found was to let all the violent criminals out of prison. And that is not a really great alternative for our communities.” she said.

And now voters have learned that Prop 57 could allow earlier parole for those convicted of raping a drugged or unconscious victim, intimately touching someone who is unlawfully restrained, incest, pimping a minor, indecent exposure, advertising or possessing child pornography, and sexual penetration with a foreign object while the victim is incapacitated, among others.

​Join us this week as we discuss how some crimes are not technically considered “violent," so therefore, qualify as “non-serious, non-violent offenses” are eligible for early release in Proposition 57.

Episode 4: The Global Online Video Games Market to Reach Nearly One Trillion Dollars in 2016

(Oiginal Air Date 12/22/16 | Rebroadcast Date 12/21/17)

​​Episode Description

It is the time of year where families gather, we all eat too much, and there are gifts and toys overflowing. Throughout the world, we all relax and indulge ourselves, including our children. It is also the time of year where young people receive cell phones, iPads, Xbox, PS4 and other video games. Most of us have no comprehension of what is in the game when we purchase them. But, our kids are begging and pleading and assuring us that “everyone” but them has this latest technology and “they don’t want to be left out.” And so, we capitulate and pray that our child(ren) will be an exception to the rule, use good judgement and be safe while using this technology.

This week on Exploited – Crimes Against Humanity, Million Kids will explore how predators use online gaming and chat rooms to access, groom, recruit and exploit our young people. We will examine the impact of animated sex (soon to be virtual reality sex) and violence, the occult, and  sorcery. We will look at the Tetris Effect as a player is obsessed with score-keeping and performance. And, we will look at the need of the player to be “part of the team” — rising and falling with acceptance and rejection based on his or her performance in the game and support of the team. We will also look at the addiction process of a fantasy world.

Join us as we take an inside look at the phenomena of online video gaming and how to use technology to build a dialogue and keep your child safe from predators. And, we will look at resources for parents if their child is headed for trouble.

Season 7: Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity

Episode 8: Protecting Kids Online with special guest, Trip Elix

(Original Air Date 1/18/18)

​​Episode Description

The Internet is a dangerous place for children of every age, and most parents have no idea how to keep their children secure. This week we will discuss what every caregiver needs to know about keeping their children safe while using internet connected devices and how to keep your children’s confidential information out of the hands of data brokers. Our guest will be Trip Elix, a consultant and professional speaker on security and privacy. He is also the author of Protecting Kids Online!