Episode 2: Why Don’t They Run?

(Original  air date 03/08/18)

​​Episode Description

One of the first questions a member of a jury often asks in a sex trafficking case is, “if the girl is being treated so badly, then why don’t the run? Why don’t they do whatever they have to do to get out?”

Truthfully, this is a complex subject. It often has to do with layers of trauma.  I sometimes refer to this as the “Chain of Shame.” Research indicates at least 70% of sex trafficking victims were previously sexually exploited. There is an element of “self-incrimination” as the victim is slowly groomed to accept the blame for his/her weaknesses and need. 

Often the victims are highly drugged making them controlled and dependent. Many of the female victims are recruited and controlled by a bottom girl blurring perceptions of trust and friendship and vulnerable to feelings of failure. Most victims experience “perceived” rejection of their families and they know there are hundreds of pornographic photo and videos of them on the internet so they feel they are in the bondage of shame forever.

Victims experience layers of trauma, especially when they have been forced to watch videos of themselves being sexually violated, and experience shame vicariously in a secondary situation that adds a layer of self judgement to shame. Many of the victims experience repeated outbreaks of oral/anal herpes and feel they will never be “ok.”

And finally, most of the victims are controlled by severe violence beyond comprehension, which destroys the soul and spirit, and they believe they are going to die if they try to break free. Many victims are threatened with their family being harmed or killed and are made to believe that if they comply it will not happen. 

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Episode 3: How Gangs Are Using Social Media To Exploit Young People

(Original  air date 03/15/18)

​​Episode Description

It’s easy to believe that because we don’t see a mob of gang members in our neighborhoods that our kids will not be exposed to gangs. Did you know that gangs have I.T. guys, webmasters and social media experts? 

Today we will explore how gangs and cartels are maximizing technologies to access, groom, recruit and exploit our young people. Social media allows gangs to form cliques. They have dispersed management so as not to be obvious to the public. They use Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other apps and sites to meet young girls to groom them into sex trafficking. They use social media for money laundering, buying and selling of drugs, guns and commercial sex, and to announce hit lists. And yes, they use social media to lure in sex buyers in order to blackmail, beat and, in some instances, murder them.

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Episode 1: Understanding the Impact of Sextortion on Prepubescent Children

(Original  air date 03/01/18)

​​Episode Description

Several times a week I am contacted by distressed parents of 8-9-10-11 year old girls and boys, who have been exploited through someone they met on social media. It is heartbreaking for all concerned. The parent (especially dads) are experiencing deep loss when they find out their innocent little girl has sent vile sexual photos of herself to a pedophile she met in a Roblox or Minecraft game or through Kik or Facebook. The child, whether boy or girl, is trapped and being threatened by the predator.

Take the case of John Peter Byrns, who drove from his home in Illinois because he lured an 11-year-old Florida girl to sneak out in the middle of night. By the time her family went in to wake her up for church the next morning, she was missing. They later found her in a motel with Byrns in Georgia. Her parents knew she was talking to a guy in Illinois on a video game but they did not recognize the danger she was in.

The psychological impact of sextortion on children who have not yet developed their sexual and moral identity is enormous. One of the challenges is that the child does not have the physical equipment or the intellectual capacity to understand why a pedophile wants their photos.

In many online video games SEX IS A WEAPON for which you receive points. No love, no respect, just points. When sex is used by predators to trap kids, they experience multiple levels of shame and depression. Today, predators define our kids sexuality BEFORE parents have "The Talk.”

Parents also process loss, blame, and shame. They must seek counseling. Parents must come together in this situation or children will experience more rejection and shame than they did with the pedophile. And parents will blame each other.