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Episode 3: The REAL statistics of runaway youth in America

(Original  air date 06/14/18)

​​Episode Description

Do you Want to make a positive difference in someone’s life?  Listen to this show. 

Foster kids, group home kids, runaway and pregnant kids are some of the most vulnerable and easily seduced youth on the face of the earth. The foster care system is one of the most complex issues facing our society today. Statistics indicate that more than 60% of youth in commercial sex (prostitution) come from the foster care system. These kids are available and vulnerable. Pimps and predators come in as “Daddy” and offer the role of protector... the very thing these kids crave in their lives.

This week we will take a hard look at the “REAL” statistics of runaway youth in America. We will explore how the welfare system grooms young people for exploitation.  And, we will talk extensively about what churches and organizations can do to intervene. Finally, we will talk about the needs of kids in foster care.

Join us as host, Opal Singleton, exposes how circumstances that put minors into foster care often are the same factors that make them vulnerable to sex traffickers and what you can do to change their path.

Episode 2: Live Streaming Sextortion: Why Victims Won’t Tell

(Original  air date 06/07/18)

​​Episode Description

Live streaming apps like Omegle and Live.Me are providing a whole new level of access to our kids. Live.Me is a relatively new app with about one hundred MILLION users. It has a geotracking function that alerts people nearby when you are broadcasting. Pedophiles have been using this app to encourage kids as young as 7 years old with virtual currency to grind, strip and photograph themselves provocatively. The app advertises itself as a way for kids, tweens, teenagers, to be a star. Anyone can watch and record you and there is no age restriction. You do not have to add someone for them to follow you. They can select your live stream and watch your stream and communicate with you via text.

This show will explore how pedophiles are using the latest technologies to seduce and groom our kids. We will discuss why kids won’t or don’t tell by examining the psychological impact of shame on a pre pubescent child and how they trauma bond with the pedophile. We will analyze how this affects their perception of self worth and sexual relationships.  We will also probe real cases to see how vile this can get. Finally, we will delve into the need for parents and teachers to understand what happens to a naked photo of a victim of sextortion.

Season 9: Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity



The Host

"EXPLOITED - Crimes Against Humanity" is a FREE global internet training program about human trafficking and exploitation that includes a powerful weekly podcast that reaches 170 countries and corresponding blog with links to the cases and stories discussed on the show.

The Show

Episode 4: How Technology and Social Media Impacts Gang Activity with Anthony Ortiz Jr. and California Youth Outreach

(Original  air date 06/21/18)

​​Episode Description

Anthony Ortiz Jr. was raised in the gang culture. His father, a former gang member, left the gang lifestyle to become a pastor and eventually became a nationally recognized expert in the field of gang intervention and prevention services. Due to his leadership and expertise in working with hardcore, gang-involved youth, he helped to develop and implement the San Jose Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force. In 1992, Pastor Ortiz received national recognition for developing programs that successfully turn gang-prone youth away from gangs. Together they run California Youth Outreach, an organization dedicated to reaching out to all gang-impacted youth, their families, and their communities through education services, intervention programs and resource opportunities that support a positive and healthy lifestyle.

This week, host Opal Singleton, and Anthony Ortiz Jr. will talk about the growth of the hip hop industry in street gang culture and how technology and social media impacts gang activity both online and on the streets.


Episode 1: The Role of The Intelligence Analyst in Crime Solving

(Original  air date 05/31/18)

​​Episode Description

Few people understand the vast amount of effort that takes place in developing a criminal case and bringing it to the point of apprehension and prosecution. This week we will be exploring what a Crime Analyst does and the critical importance of building an intelligence profile in developing a case.

Crime Analysts will become the most sought after talent for law enforcement in the next decade. A Crime Analyst builds the foundation for potential cases by looking at a wide rage of data, including public records, financial, business and legal documentation, as well as cellphone and social media activity. They watch for patterns and trends, are meticulous, insightful, possess critical thinking skills, and exercise excellent judgement.

Intelligence is key to building a solid case. The challenge for the next decade of crime solving will be the changing social media landscape, which can both enhance intelligence gathering and also prevent easy access to data through technologies like encryption, crypto currency, disappearing video and live streaming. This show will address the powerful role Crime Analysts will play in the next generation of crime solving and help the public understand the challenges in building a strong and successful criminal case.

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