Episode 9: Sex Trafficking in the Midwest: What Can You Do About It?

(Original  air date 11/01/18)

​​Episode Description

Many people think that sex trafficking and sextortion does not take place in the midwest and/or in small communities. In this session, our guest, Division Chief Andrew (Butch) Diekemper of the City of Lenexa (Kansas) Fire Department and host, Opal Singleton, discuss several cases that are local to Lenexa and the surrounding areas.

Chief Diekemper attended the Los Angeles Fire Leadership Training Academy where he met Opal Singleton, who was conducting a course on combating human trafficking. Chief Diekemper was inspired to develop a two day training program for his community. 

On November 13 and 14, 2018, Opal will be conducting four hour sessions in the morning for First Responders (Fire, Law Enforcement, Code Enforcement, Public Safety, Department of Housing, etc).  And, in the afternoon, she will be conducting specialized four hour sessions for Social Workers and Counselors, where she will focus on the psychology of grooming, impact on victims of exploitation, understanding fantasy relationships, and a look at the “Prism of Shame.” 

Finally, on the evening of Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 6pm, Opal will be presenting at the Westside Family Church where the event will be open to the public (to anyone over the age of 13).

Episode 13: The Love of a Father

( Original  air date 11/29/18)

​​Episode Description

Being a father is one of the greatest missions of all time. It is a lifetime impact on another human being unlike any other. His actions and words will shape the identity and values (for good or bad) of those around him for years, even generations after he is gone.

And yet fathers are human… men who do good… men who make mistakes. And sometimes… men whose hearts are broken.

Society expects men to be strong, to make money and pay the bills, to keep their families safe from predators, and to stay calm in the face of adversity.

Over the past few weeks, I have taken calls from fathers whose hearts are broken because they discovered their child was engaged in risky behavior, being sex trafficked, involved in a fantasy relationship and being violated, or has a naked photo on the internet and is being blackmailed.

Our society seems to have little recognition of the impact of loss these men experience. They are grieving the loss of innocence of their child. They have worked hard all their lives to protect their children and give them the best of everything. To witness their loved-ones make decisions that will send them on a dangerous trajectory or to view photos of their self-violation, knowing thousands of pedophiles on the internet are sharing these images, is one of the greatest losses a father can experience.

They alternate between depression, rage, anger, loss, blaming of others, blaming of self, tears. They respond with futile negotiation, threats, coercion and resignation. These men need counseling and our society must train more counselors on how to help them process these emotions.

Episode 3: What You Need to Know About The Rise of Cryptocurrency Ponzi Schemes

(Original  air date 09/13/18)

​​Episode Description

Virtual currencies, such as Bitcoin, have recently become popular and are intended to serve as a type of money. They may be traded on online exchanges for conventional currencies, including the U.S. Dollar, or used to purchase goods or services, usually online.

The Securities Exchange Commission(SEC) is concerned that the rising use of virtual currencies in the global marketplace may entice fraudsters to lure investors into Ponzi and other schemes in which these currencies are used to facilitate fraudulent, or simply fabricated, investments or transactions. The fraud may also involve an unregistered offering or trading platform. These schemes often promise high returns for getting in on the ground floor of a growing Internet phenomenon.

Fraudsters may also be attracted to using virtual currencies to perpetrate their frauds because transactions in virtual currencies supposedly have greater privacy benefits and less regulatory oversight than transactions in conventional currencies. Any investment in securities in the United States remains subject to the jurisdiction of the SEC regardless of whether the investment is made in U.S. Dollars or a virtual currency. 

This week our guest will be Lynn Edgington, Founder/President of Eagle Research Associates, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in Southern California. He is also the author of, “Robbing You with a Keyboard Instead Of A Gun – Cyber Crime How They Do It.”

Lynn works with law enforcement around the globe to assist in cyber-crime investigations involving crypto-currencies and cyber-financial fraud. During this show, we will share with the public key elements to watch out for so you don’t become a victim of cyber-crime. We will discuss the phenomena of bitcoin and the dangers associated with investing in cyber-currencies. We will look at multi-level marketing and ponzi schemes and how unsuspecting corporations and individuals have been victimized. We will look at how organized crime groups use cyber-fraud to launder money.

6 Common Ways to Recognize That Someone May Be in Danger of Becoming a Victim of Sex or Labor Trafficking

(REBROADCAST 10/18/18 | Original  air date 05/25/18)

​​Episode Description

Many government agency personnel, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, and faith-based communities have asked us to outline the signs to look for in evaluating if a person might be a victim of human trafficking.

Human Exploitation is a complex subject and is difficult to define in a concrete 1-2-3- outline. In this show we will continue to discuss possible indicators that a person is in danger of becoming a victim of sex or labor trafficking or may be currently being exploited.

We will look at:

• Early signs of grooming
• Changes in behavior
• Signs of grooming through online video gaming
• Signs that a person is being exploited or sex trafficked
• Signs for Law Enforcement to consider in a traffic stop
• Signs that the person is a being exploited through labor trafficking

Episode 5: The Prism of Shame and Phantom Relationships

(Original  air date 09/27/18)

​​Episode Description

This week we will examine the power total strangers can have over our kids. Think about this. A child meets an individual on the world wide web. That person seduces him/her. They isolate the child and get him/her to engage in self degrading behavior. No one is in the room with them. No one physically touches the child, but they degrade themselves. And when the child is blackmailed, he/she will go to extreme lengths to try to satisfy their virtual captor, BUT THEY WILL NOT TELL!

This might be one of the most powerful programs we have ever done!

This week we will explore the power of shame from self-degrading acts. And, how a predator, who they have never met and will never meet, can get a young person to commit acts where they are unable to project out the consequences. Acts that destroy the soul and challenge the support and love of a caring family. This is a wakeup call for all of us. We must find ways to educate our kids about how predators use the internet and why kids MUST reach out for help when they are being exploited!

Episode 10: Crowdsourcing Gone Wrong: An Invasion of Sextortionists Seducing Our Kids

(Original  air date 11/08/18)

​​Episode Description

What is “crowdsourcing?” The practice of obtaining information or input into a task or project by enlisting the services of a large number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the internet.

In her long-awaited second book, “Societal Shift,” Opal Singleton discusses how in the age of advancing technologies and growing connectivity, like-minded pedophiles with shared fetishes and ideologies have come together to exchange ideas, feelings, expertise and collectively mobilize.

Crowdsourcing sextortion is truly a 21st century concept. It is the tsunami of sexual exploitation. In the past, child pornographers stayed in the shadows and kept their illicit photos to themselves or maybe shared them with a close friend.

Today, sextortion rings can form via the internet with six, eight, ten or even more pedophiles, who collectively utilize sophisticated seduction methods to exploit children. These innocent children or teenagers do not stand a chance once they are lured into this snare. They have no idea they are communicating with multiple adults. 

For the pedophile, crowdsourcing gives them a sense of inclusion, validation and acceptance. They also become competitive with one another, and continually expand their knowledge of technology and psychology to sharpen their skills. They often maintain sophisticated records and logs of their victims’ responses and celebrate their successes, even as an innocent victim’s life is destroyed.

We must teach our youth, parents, educators, and first-responders how to protect our kids from these vile individuals. This is real life David vs. Goliath… the war between good and evil. Unless we all take a stand and do something, the problem will continue to advance as technology brings our entire world together for the first time in history.

Episode 12: The Global Online Video Games Market to Reach Nearly One Trillion Dollars in 2016

(REBROADCAST 11/22/18 | Original  air date 12/22/16)

​​Episode Description

It is the time of year where families gather, we all eat too much, and there are gifts and toys overflowing. Throughout the world, we all relax and indulge ourselves, including our children. It is also the time of year where young people receive cell phones, iPads, Xbox, PS4 and other video games. Most of us have no comprehension of what is in the game when we purchase them. But, our kids are begging and pleading and assuring us that “everyone” but them has this latest technology and “they don’t want to be left out.” And so, we capitulate and pray that our child(ren) will be an exception to the rule, use good judgement and be safe while using this technology.

This week on Exploited – Crimes Against Humanity, Million Kids will explore how predators use online gaming and chat rooms to access, groom, recruit and exploit our young people. We will examine the impact of animated sex (soon to be virtual reality sex) and violence, the occult, and  sorcery. We will look at the Tetris Effect as a player is obsessed with score-keeping and performance. And, we will look at the need of the player to be “part of the team” — rising and falling with acceptance and rejection based on his or her performance in the game and support of the team. We will also look at the addiction process of a fantasy world.

Join us as we take an inside look at the phenomena of online video gaming and how to use technology to build a dialogue and keep your child safe from predators. And, we will look at resources for parents if their child is headed for trouble.

Episode 4: Shielded by Technology, Child Sex Abuse Epidemic Festers on Darknet

(Original  air date 09/20/18)

​​Episode Description

“Child sex predators are increasingly exploiting anonymous browsing technology to create online safe havens where hundreds of thousands of offenders congregate to stream child pornography, devise and execute insidious schemes to exploit minors online, and crowdsource advice for avoiding capture by law enforcement, according to a senior Justice Department official.

Tor, the anonymous browser of choice for child sex predators, was created with the honorable aim of protecting “personal freedom and privacy.” But offenders have exploited the technology to create massive pedophile dens online that are virtually impossible for law enforcement to track down.

One such site, dedicated to the abuse of newborns and toddlers aged zero to 5, has tens of thousands of members. A law enforcement review of nine Tor sites hosting child sex abuse discussions, videos, and images tracked 1.9 million members last fall. Some sites were adding thousands of new users every day.

How low do these offenders go? One user sent another an ultrasound image of his unborn girl, describing how he “couldn’t wait for his daughter to be born” so he could introduce her with an explicit photograph to other offenders in a darknet group dedicated to abusing newborns and toddlers.”

These are just the first four paragraphs of a very compelling article entitled, “Shielded by Technology, Child Sex Abuse Epidemic Festers on Darknet” written by our special guest this week, Ivan Pentchoukov from The Epoch Times.

Ivan has been reporting for The Epoch Times since 2011. He started as a local reporter in New York City and moved on to cover mayors Michael Bloomberg and Bill de Blasio from City Hall. Since 2016, Ivan has been covering the White House, the FBI's handling of the Russia probe, and topics related to child sex abuse and human trafficking. He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter.

Ivan’s recent article is full of staggering statistics related to the epidemic of child abuse material being proliferated in the dark net. Even the most seasoned individuals in the fight to protect children from predators will be shocked by the numbers of offenders now roaming the web seeking victims to abuse and exploit. And, the astounding number of children being violated virtually and physically will make you begin to wonder how can we possibly win this global fight for our kids.

Episode 1: Get Out of Jail Free Card: How is Senate Bill 10 Going to Affect Californians?

(Original  air date 08/30/18)

​​Episode Description

California will become the first state to eliminate bail for "non violent" suspects and replace it with a loosely-defined risk-assessment system. No one really knows what this will look like in the future, but, at a minimum, it is a controversial move. Senate Bill 10 was authored by Democrat Senator Bob Hertzberg (Los Angeles) and signed by California Governor Jerry Brown this past week.

The crux of the argument is that the current bail system was unfair to individuals, who could not afford to pay a bail bond company to guarantee that they would later show up in court for their hearing. The new system is yet to be detailed. It appears that each county in California will use the councils framework to create their own protocols and procedures for deciding who will be released prior to trial. The county will create an “agency" to create a risk-based system to decide each individual defendant’s risk and flight assessment. These assessment protocols will be developed by the California Judicial Council. As it is written, defendants can be held 12 hours (with a 12 hour extension) prior to determining their flight risk, which at a minimum will create a massive court processing log jam expected to cost California taxpayers at least an additional $200 million dollars!

Join us as host, Opal Singleton, explores the ins and outs, the projections and speculations, the possibilities of how this bill might be implemented, and the impact on sex trafficking, prosecution of sex buyers and, especially, sex trafficking victims.

Episode 8: Do Human Traffickers Capitalize on Migrant Hotspots?

(Original  air date 10/25/18)

​​Episode Description

The caravan of Latin American Migrants pushing towards the U.S. Border makes us all aware of the challenges in working with Foreign National Human Trafficking. Displaced people are often exploited people.

This week we will talk about the challenges of keeping people safe from violation when the Rule of Law is replaced with individual desires and mandates. We will explain the difference between smuggling and human trafficking and go over how foreign national labor trafficking works in the U.S. We will examine how coyotes and caravan organizers often prey on the women and children in their group. And, we will discuss how the refugee crisis in Europe and South East Asia has resulted in millions of people becoming homeless and exploited.

These are difficult times and this is a difficult subject as we all care about individuals who are at risk of being violated and are in need.

Season 10: Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity

Episode 2: Anger Management: Does It Actually Work? PART 2

(Original  air date 09/06/18)

​​Episode Description

This week we will again feature Susan Steele, a certified Anger Management Counselor and Behavior Health Specialist for adults and at-risk children. Susan owns her own agency, NTSP Anger Management, where she conducts both couple’s counseling and individual counseling to those who have recognized there is an issue stemming from anger in their life.

During this episode, will delve deep into what makes us angry and the various ways we all process and express anger and rage. Susan will talk about the role our past experiences have in impacting our ability to express anger. She will explore the four styles of communication (passive, aggressive, passive-aggressive and assertive). She will also discuss how to deal with anger in children and with spouses. And, finally, Susan will talk about the NINE most common mistakes parents make in communicating with children. This just might be the most powerful show we have ever done and is a MUST for first responders, social workers, pastors, educators, and parents everywhere!

​Find PART 1 to this series under Season 9, Episode 13

Episode 11: The Psychology of Pimping & Grooming; Live Streaming Child Sexual Abuse; and Global Migration Exploitation

(REBROADCAST 11/15/18 | Original  air date 06/09/16)

​​Episode Description

Police uncovered a national child sex ring covering 23 states and 60 victims -- many under age. These pimps were brutal monsters who groomed and broke the girls into compliance. We will explore the psychology of pimping.

How does a predator reach a child, seduce them so they can open the door to trust them, and then groom them so that they will become trapped in a world of exploitation? This segment examines the psychology of grooming based on Opal Singleton’s book, “Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers.”

Child sexual exploitation being live-streamed around the globe is a fast-growing global phenomena. Men sitting in the privacy of their own homes exploit children living in poverty struck countries. We will examine the technology that makes this possible.

We are in a unique time in history where literally millions of individuals are being uprooted and displaced. Most of these are good people, who are desperate, but easy prey for exploitation.

The 10 Most Common Ways to Recognize That a Teen May Be Being Groomed or Recruited Into Sex Trafficking

(REBROADCAST 10/11/18 | Original  air date 05/18/18)

​​Episode Description

Parents, grandparents, school staff, and counselors often ask us how to tell if a teen (girl or boy) is being “groomed” or recruited into sex trafficking. This week’s show will look at the most obvious and some not so obvious signs to look for when a teen is being lured into “the life” by a pimp or predator.

Join us this week as we explore the challenges of working with individuals who are vulnerable and may be being led down a path of exploitation.