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Episode 7: Smart Parenting in a Global Digital World

(Original  air date 04/18/19)

​​Episode Description

Parents (love them or hate them) are the most important factor in any child's life. It is one of the few relationships that will last a lifetime whether the parent is engaged and attentive or removed from the family for decades. And, a parent will be one of the most important factors of a child's self worth and identity. But, there are no instructions, no rule books, no tutorials, and few guidelines to be a successful parent. Teens and pre-teens today are the first generation in history that can communicate with individuals they have never met anywhere in the world. 

So what are the factors that will define success for parenting in a global digital world? 

• Educate yourself on every app your child owns
• Get a strategy agreed on by BOTH parents
• Educate your child on how the apps work and who they are reaching
• Understand if your child is using a closed chat room or talking to thousands on the internet
• Talk about empathy and emotional connection
• Always keep the lines of communications open in case they make a mistake
• Set boundaries and enforce them 
• Encourage your child to be a leader and to use technology with respect and responsibility
• Report any incidents of abuse to Internet Crimes Against Children (1-866-347-2423)


Will Your Nine-Year-Old Know When They Are Talking to a Pedophile Online?

(Original  air date 05/30/19)

​​Episode Description

Every day we see very young children talking and playing on cell phones and tablets. Many are only 8, 9 and 10-years-old. Parents are giving kids cell phones BEFORE they are even old enough to have the “sex talk.” Some how, with all my work in combating sex trafficking and social media exploitation, I am unable to comprehend what in the world a parent is thinking when they do this. Are they just uninformed and naive? Is it a “veil of denial?” Do they not understand that, when a 9-year-old goes onto the “WORLD WIDE WEB,” they will meet hundreds even thousands of nasty pedophiles who want to violate their children? Or maybe they think that if they don’t believe it to be true – it won’t be true. Maybe they believe their child is brilliant and is far too smart for a pedophile. Regardless of the thinking, EVERY DAY IN AMERICA 9000 KIDS A DAY ARE BEING EXPLOITED THROUGH A SEXUAL PHOTO/VIDEO.

This week we look at the case of Richard Lee DeVito, who pretended to be a 13-year-old boy and lured, seduced and coerced more than 40 little girls (between the ages of 8 to 12-years of age) into having sex on camera (he showed them how) and then got them to send the photos to him. Afterwards, he sold the photos and videos to other pedophiles in the DarkNet. These children did not even know what sex was. One little 8-year-old girl exchanged 2400 messages with him in a month and conducted hours of real-time video calls. WHERE WERE THE PARENTS? WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?

We are indeed facing a great societal experiment and our children will pay the price if we don’t do something about it.

Episode 8: How Your Used Shoes Can Fight Poverty and Exploitation Worldwide!

(Original  air date 04/25/19)

​​Episode Description

This week, host, Opal Singleton will interview Joel Roberts from Soles4Souls, an organization that collects new and gently worn shoes to create sustainable jobs and provide relief through the distribution of shoes around the world. Joel is the Regional Donation Center Manager for the warehouse located in Riverside, California. It is the ONLY donation center in the entire state of California.

Since 2006, Soles4Souls has distributed over 30 million pairs of shoes in 170 countries and all 50 states in the United States. And, they have kept 51 million pounds of shoes and clothing out of landfills and instead created opportunities for people in need around the globe.

Soles4Souls fights global poverty in two distinct ways:

Free Distribution – New shoes help prevent debilitating diseases, allow children to attend school, and offer hope and dignity to those in need around the world. In addition, they provide shoes and clothing to people impacted by hurricanes, tsunamis, fire, floods, earthquakes and other disasters.

Job Creation – Soles4Souls helps those devastated by poverty start and sustain small businesses through their micro-enterprise program. Soles4Souls provides a steady supply of repurposed shoes and clothing to micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations where there are few ways to generate income.

Through something as simple as cleaning out your closet and donating shoes you no longer wear, you can change someone’s life!

Episode 5: Artificial Intelligence: How It Is Used to Solve Crimes of Child Sexual Exploitation  (Part 2 of 2)

(Original  air date 04/05/19)

​​Episode Description

Every hour around the world technology is scraping, storing, sorting and manipulating your online photos, gathering your personal information, as well as your every search, click and location and storing your facial image. Get used to it. Privacy is dead. As my new book suggests: It is truly a “Societal Shift: A World Without Borders and a Home Without Walls.”   

Artificial intelligence gathers and sorts massive amounts of data and images and uses “artificial intelligence” to teach machines to use logic, make decisions and perform human-like tasks. Certainly, there is a down side to this as pimps, predators, pedophiles, gangs, cartels, and other organized criminals find new and innovative means to access and seduce our kids. 

But, there is an upside to this scenario. Law enforcement is learning to use creative approaches with AI to find predators, solve criminal cases, reach out to sex trafficking victims and send a cautionary message to potential sex buyers.

Looking for more information about sex trafficking, labor trafficking, sextortion, child pornography, social media grooming & recruitment? Here is where you will find loads of resources from our parent organization, Million Kids!

"EXPLOITED - Crimes Against Humanity" is a FREE global internet training program about human trafficking and exploitation that includes a powerful weekly podcast that reaches 170 countries and corresponding blog with links to the cases and stories discussed on the show.

Episode 12: Investing in Prevention and Intervention: Is It Worth It?

(Original  air date 05/23/19)

​​Episode Description

READ CASE: 2 Valley residents sentenced to County Jail in SLO sex-trafficking case

The link to the story above brings home the URGENT AND CRITICAL NEED for organizations, foundations and individuals to step up and fund prevention and intervention programs like Million Kids. 

It is now a well known fact that sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors is a daily part of our lives. The University of Florida states that 9000 KIDS A DAY are being blackmailed and 58% of them will agree to meet their blackmailer for the purpose of getting the photo/video back. Many are sexually violated and some are seduced or shamed into committing acts of commercial sex. WE DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT THIS AND IT DOES NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN.

In the highlighted case a 15-year-old girl met a guy on Instagram. In her mind she was going to take a short trip with him to get acquainted. Like most teens, who meet up with a new found friend on the internet, she never thought that she would be considered a runaway or missing teenager. 

In this article you can tell that this is a sophisticated sex trafficking ring.  There are FOUR perpetrators. They already had this girl set up with a “sex buyer.” They already knew the residential brothels and took her there. And, they already had an online sex ad ready for her. 

QUESTION: Do you think this girl would have gone out and met the predator if she knew what was about to happen? Of course not. This girl’s life has been changed FOREVER.  

From the article:

“This situation has haunted me almost five years,” the victim, now 19, said in a written statement read in open court by an employee of the District Attorney’s Office’s Victim Witness Assistance Center.

The victim wrote that she remains troubled by the “permanent damage that has been done to me mentally and physically;” since the crimes, she’s had to switch schools, move to different cities and has lost friends.

She wrote that has had her car defaced with the words “snitch” and “prostitute” since news of the case broke.

“I hope to gain a voice back that was taken from me,” she wrote.

Currently, there are millions of dollars being spent across the U.S. for victims of human trafficking. BUT WHY WAIT UNTIL THEY ARE VIOLATED? Funding an education, prevention and intervention program is the most important investment anyone can make.  

Million Kids knows that when you talk to kids about the dangers of sexual violation on the internet they listen. We have educated tens of thousands of kids about how the internet is made; why pedophiles want their naked photos and videos; and how they trick kids into believing they are their friend. Now we want to make an important documentary so that we can educate every teen in the U.S. (and every parent who is willing to hear it) for FREE!  (Click here for documentary details).


Episode 6: Commercial Sex: Who is Buying? Who is Selling? Who is Profiting?

(Original  air date 04/11/19)

​​Episode Description


We often see documentaries on sex trafficking portraying the image of sex buyers as men who look like Richard Gere in his role in “Pretty Woman.” The pimps almost always look like they are high rolling men who wear furs and chains. And, the women are beautiful, smiling and excited to be selling their bodies in upscale establishments.These are stereotypes that are certainly entertaining, but mostly inaccurate.

Million Kids has worked to combat sex trafficking for over ten years and has been involved with many REAL cases working with the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force. We have conducted tens of thousands of hours of research and studied thousands of cases of sexual exploitation. We know that trafficking is a complex and diverse issue involving a broad range of ethnicity and demographics. 

Few commercial sex buyers are professional Caucasian men in suits. In fact, most are laborers of all ethnic backgrounds. In nearly 60% of sex trafficking cases, the recruitment and selling of the female victim is done by another woman. And, many of the victims are average looking young girls, who are desperately seeking someone to take care of them, and have little understanding of the path they are traveling on.

Episode 3: Global Social Technology and the Psychological Impact on a Child

(Original  air date 03/21/19)

​​Episode Description

Every day new technologies are being handed to our kids that will catapult them from the safety and sanctity of their own homes to becoming performers on the world stage. Much of this technology is encrypted or vaporware (disappearing video) which means the child is isolated from parental supervision resulting in the child being solely responsible for their decisions and behaviors. Advancing technologies mean that a pedophile no longer has to worm their way through the Instagram system and seduce your child, but, rather, on Tik Tok, your child freely performs before potentially millions of strangers, who can communicate with your child and know their profile information and geo location. 

Few of us understand the over-ranging impact of this Societal Shift. Global Social Technology will change our kids and how they perceive relationships. Gone are the days when you friended and unfriended. With mass audience live-streaming, our kids develop goals of having tens of thousands of followers where very few of them are “personal” friends. The challenge is that our kids are still using real-life relationship criteria to evaluate the integrity of the people they are communicating with. Teaching our children to transition between the cyber-fantasy world and real-life decision consequences may be one of the greatest challenges for this generation. 

Human Trafficking & Child Pornography expert, Opal Singleton, has educated tens of thousands of first responders, government agencies, civic leaders, school administrators, medical personnel, faith-based organizations,  parents & grand-parents about how predators operate and how to prevent young people from 
becoming victims 
of  exploitation.

Season 12: Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity

Episode 2: Societal Shift Trends:  The Evolution of Teen Technology and Exploitation

(Original  air date 03/14/19)

​​Episode Description

This week we are going to look at how communication, relationships, and sexual exhibition has changed based on new technologies. For one-to-one conversations, it started with email then moved to texting. Facebook followed and we began to choose who would be our “friends” and “unfriended” the undesirables. Today, most teens would die of embarrassment using either email or Facebook. In fact, less than 5% of Facebook users are teenagers. 

Soon technology evolved into instant messaging apps such as Kik, WeChat, and WhatsApp. As these became the norm, apps like Line, Viber, and Skype offered free calling with video and group chat. Immediate interactions were accelerated on a global scale with Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat, all of which became enormously successful and popular with teens. 

All of these technologies changed how teens communicate. They formed online local communities with group chats. Even today many teens are using Tango, which has a four-mile geo-based function to talk with strangers near their home. It is a favorite of gangs in some communities. Whisper was an app that kids used to tell their secrets believing it is safer to tell strangers than to tell their own friends (go figure). 

Chat Roulette and Omegle, where kids can meet total strangers while sitting in their bedrooms unsupervised, brought mass audience individual live-streaming and video chat rooms. And, mobile device face-time technology literally tore down the walls of our homes while teens conducted the most intimate of acts at any time to be shared with any one.  

Finally, we encountered encrypted messaging, disappearing video, ghost apps, vaporware and the dark net. And, even more recently, we have mass-audience live-streaming apps such as Live.Me and Tik Tok where kids perform in front of potentially millions of strangers.  

Each of these apps has given pedophiles and predators access to groom, recruit and exploit our kids. THE WORLD HAS DRAMATICALLY SHIFTED IN THE PAST SIX MONTHS. 



Episode 1: Tik Tok: The World's Most Downloaded App

(Original  air date 03/07/19)

​​Episode Description

Kids love it. Parents are oblivious. Sounds like a game so kids as young as 9-years-old are playing on it. The parental warning is that you need to be 16 to use it, and nobody seems to either understand or care. Follow Million Kids on Facebook and you will see it is fast becoming one of the most used apps by pedophiles and predators. SO WHAT IS IT?

Recently, Tik Tok surpassed Facebook for number of users globally. It is owned by Chinese firm, Bytedance, headquartered in Singapore. Tik Tok bought Musical.ly about six months ago and surged to become the favorite app of young kids around the world. Facebook is now fighting back with "Lasso" that has similar features but with the added ability to share your Lasso videos on Instagram and Facebook. This means your child can reach thousands perhaps millions of total strangers. These technologies will change our world so PAY ATTENTION MOM AND DAD!

Tik Tok offers the ability to make short videos with music, stickers, filters and other special effects. It is the worlds most far reaching chat site. It is, in essence, live streaming on steroids. There are only two privacy settings: Private or Public. The ONLY reason most kids are on Tik Tok is to reach thousands of people and become famous or discovered. In pedophile vocabulary, this is called “available and vulnerable.”

It should also be noted that Tik Tok uses a CHILD'S FACIAL RECOGNITION to detect facial expressions. Kids think this is really cool because they can add special effects to make them look funny or cute. But, what no one is saying is whether this facial recognition is being stored or if it will later be shared as user data, which is often done through artificial intelligence.

Million Kids President, Opal Singleton, says in her presentations that this technology "will change our world for young children." It will change how kids communicate, how they perceive relationships, how they perceive sexual exhibitionism, and how they interact with strangers. Pedophiles no longer have to track down and seduce our kids. Our kids are eagerly twerking and posing on the world wide marketplace AND THEY ARE SEEKING the approval of the massive audience they are reaching with little or no thought if those recipients are pedophiles looking to seduce and groom innocent young people.  All a pedophile has to do is sign up to Tik Tok and wait.

Episode 10: Pimp Methodologies (Part 1)

(Special Rebroadcast air date 05/09/19 | Original  air date 12/13/18)

​​Episode Description

There is a lot of discussion these days about human trafficking, what it looks like, why it is happening, how it happens and, of course, how to stop it. Million Kids has been a leader in the prevention and intervention of both labor and sex trafficking since 2008.

All too often the public's perception of how human trafficking works is based on one survivor's story or a documentary. Each and every one of those stories is critical because it gives a real life perspective in understanding how a person can easily become a victim. But, we must not limit our understanding to one scenario or message.

Sex trafficking is a broad and complex issue where perpetrators use a myriad of tactics and seductive approaches. During today’s show we will begin to dissect the details of how sociopathic individuals access, seduce and violate their victims into the tragic world of sex trafficking.

Types of Pimping Tactics:

  • Romeo/Boyfriend Pimping
  • Gorilla Pimping (Male)
  • Gorilla Pimping (Female)
  • Gang Pimping
  • CEO Pimping
  • Madam Pimping
  • Foreign National Pimping
  • Family Pimping
  • Family/Cartel Pimping
  • Sugar Daddy or Chicken Hawk Pimping
  • LBGTQ Pimping

This is where you will find upcoming show information with links to the cases that will be discussed. 

Also, if you miss a live show, you will find it here in our archives of past episodes in easy-to-access segments.​

Episode 4: Artificial Intelligence: The Impact on Child Sexual Exploitation
(Part 1 of 2)

(Original  air date 03/28/19)

​​Episode Description

For the next two weeks, host, Opal Singleton, will be talking about Artificial Intelligence and the impact it has on child sexual exploitation.

In Part 1 of this two part series, she will discuss all about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is utilized by technology developers to create apps and games that our kids use everyday. In Part 2, Opal will look at how technology companies are using Artificial Intelligence to solve crimes, identify sex buyers and pedophiles, and locate and rescue victims of child sexual abuse.

What is Artificial Intelligence? Basically AI empowers machines to learn from experience, analyze data inputs, and perform human-like tasks.  AI looks for patterns in data and draws conclusions based on that data. Programmers then analyze the data and conclusions and tests until it draws the right conclusion and then trains the machine to expand and use the same logic in similar situations. A common form of AI that most of you will be familiar with is Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa.

Artificial Intelligence is dependent on assimilating, categorizing, analyzing and storing a massive amount of data on individuals, physical locations, and numerical (financial) data, etc... The gathering of this data is taking place infinitesimally every day.

Google Maps drives by your house and stores the photo(s), address and physical information of your home. When your child uses Tik Tok to make a video, it is tied to their location, public profile, and mobile phone number. IBM scrapes public photos off the web by the millions. Apps and sites like Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram are  storing and selling your every click , search and location.

The real challenge here is that we are putting very young kids and teenagers in the world of Artificial Intelligence, and making them available to literally millions of strangers (some of whom are bad guys) and VERY LITTLE  is being done to educate them to help them understand the world in which they are living.  It is one of the greatest societal experiments of all time.

The Host

Episode 11: Pimp Methodologies (Part 2)

(Special Rebroadcast air date 05/16/19 | Original  air date 12/20/18)

​​Episode Description

There is a lot of discussion these days about human trafficking, what it looks like, why it is happening, how it happens and, of course, how to stop it. Million Kids has been a leader in the prevention and intervention of both labor and sex trafficking since 2008.

All too often the public's perception of how human trafficking works is based on one survivor's story or a documentary. Each and every one of those stories is critical because it gives a real life perspective in understanding how a person can easily become a victim. But, we must not limit our understanding to one scenario or message.

Sex trafficking is a broad and complex issue where perpetrators use a myriad of tactics and seductive approaches. During today’s show we will begin to dissect the details of how sociopathic individuals access, seduce and violate their victims into the tragic world of sex trafficking.

Types of Pimping Tactics:

  • Romeo/Boyfriend Pimping
  • Gorilla Pimping (Male)
  • Gorilla Pimping (Female)
  • Gang Pimping
  • CEO Pimping
  • Madam Pimping
  • Foreign National Pimping
  • Family Pimping
  • Family/Cartel Pimping
  • Sugar Daddy or Chicken Hawk Pimping
  • LBGTQ Pimping

The Show

Episode 9: Gratitude: Helping Kids Stand Against Online Exploitation

(Original  air date 05/02/19)

​​Episode Description

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity.” – Melody Beattie

Over the past few weeks I have made presentations to thousands of high school students about how the internet works and how to stay safe from predators. I have shared with teens that pedophiles, pimps and predators are all looking for young people who are “available and vulnerable.”

One of my observations is how healthy so many of our young people are. Teens WANT to stay safe on the internet and they WANT to be leaders of their younger brothers and sisters. They just need someone like Million Kids to explain to them about how social media exploitation works and then equip them to soar in leading the next generation in a way that will keep everyone safe and ensure they are not groomed or recruited into sex trafficking or social media exploitation. That is why making a documentary is so critical.

A common denominator I have seen in healthy kids is GRATITUDE. Kids, who recognize their own value, are able to have confidence and belief in themselves and their worth. We talk about character. We discuss that every time you do what is right instead of what is easy, you develop character. It is that maturity, that sense of right and wrong, that gives a teenager the tools and strength to stand against online exploitation.

Tune in as host, Opal Singleton, talks about how raising up a young person with gratitude and appreciation of family, friends and life can make the difference in whether or not they will be an easy target for a predator. There is no such thing as a “safe app.” It is the character of the user that makes the difference.