A FREE Weekly Global Training Program about

Human Trafficking and  Exploitation

  • Sex Trafficking
  • Labor Trafficking
  • Sextortion (blackmail by photo)
  • Child Pornography
  • Social Media Grooming & Recruitment
  • ​Global Migration and Refugee Exploitation

"EXPLOITED - Crimes Against Humanity" is a FREE global internet training program about human trafficking and exploitation that includes a powerful weekly podcast that reaches 170 countries and corresponding blog with links to the cases and stories discussed on the show.

The Show

Opal Singleton


Human Trafficking and Child Pornography expert, Opal Singleton, has

educated tens of thousands of first responders, government agencies,

civic leaders, school administrators, medical personnel, faith-based

organizations,  parents and grandparents about how predators operate

and how to prevent young people from becoming victims of exploitation. Opal is an Instructor at USC, Sol Price Institute for Safe Communities. She sits on the Board of Directors for Rapha House International and has lived and worked in Cambodia combating child sex trafficking.  Opal authored  “Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers,” which to date has a 5-star Amazon rating. She is the President and CEO of Million Kids and serves as the Training and Outreach Coordinator for the Riverside County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force and is contracted for human trafficking training services through the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department through a Department of Justice Contract.

Opal often sits with parents searching for their missing children and takes calls from teens who are in trouble.  Simply stated: Opal cares deeply about kids and their families. For many years she has examined every published case of human trafficking in the U.S. (and often globally) as well as every child pornography case.  She follows technology trends and looks for new technologies and strategies that are being used by perpetrators to access, groom, recruit and exploit young people.  The weekly show, "EXPLOITED: Crimes Against Humanity," is designed to share her knowledge and insight with the world, especially those individuals who may work with law enforcement and/or children. 

Join in the dialogue.  We will be taking live calls from the audience and we plan to interview some of the best minds in the business.  We want to get to know YOU and share as much expertise as fast as we can so we can say NEVER AGAIN should another human being be needlessly exploited!

Tune in to Exploited - Crimes Against Humanity hosted by Opal Singleton on VoiceAmerica.com – Variety Channel  every Thursday @ 7a.m. Pacific Time!!


The Host

This is where you will find upcoming show information with links to the cases that will be discussed. 

Also, if you miss a live show, you will find it here in our archives of past episodes in easy-to-access segments.​



Human Trafficking & Child Pornography expert, Opal Singleton, has educated tens of thousands of first responders, government agencies, civic leaders, school administrators, medical personnel, faith-based organizations,  parents & grand-parents about how predators operate and how to prevent young people from 
becoming victims 
of  exploitation.


Looking for more information about sex trafficking, labor trafficking, sextortion, child pornography, social media grooming & recruitment? Here is where you will find loads of resources from our parent organization, Million Kids!