Opal Singleton Hendershot


Opal Singleton Hendershot is the President and CEO of Million Kids, a 501(c)3 organization

dedicated to keeping kids safe from predators. Million Kids serves as the Training

and Outreach Coordinator for the Riverside County Anti Human Trafficking Task

Force and works with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department through a

Department of Justice Grant.

Opal has trained more than 400,000 government and individual leaders about

labor trafficking, child sex trafficking, sextortion, child pornography and social

media exploitation. She is the author of Seduced: The Grooming of America’s Teenagers (2015) and Societal Shift: A World Without Borders... A Home Without Walls (2019), and often appears on television and radio talk shows across the United States.

Opal is an Instructor at USC Price Safe Communities Institute and a Co-Instructor at the USC School of Social Work for the Los Angeles Police Department LEAD program. She is an Instructor at the Los Angeles Fire Leadership Training Academy.

Opal has completed the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation Instructor Course and served on the Peace Officers Standardized Training) panel to develop the training curriculum on human trafficking for law enforcement for California.

In addition to the training videos Opal hosts a  weekly radio show on KTIE 590 AM. They broadcast “Exploited: Crimes and Technology” every Saturday at 3:00PM throughout Southern California. She also hosts 
“Exploited: Crimes against Humanity”, an in-depth analysis of human exploitation and the crimes committed.